Withdrawal Procedures

Withdrawal Procedures

Before the last day to add or drop courses in a semester or session, students may drop and add classes freely. No entry will be made on a student’s transcript for classes dropped during this period.

After the last day to add or drop courses, students may withdraw from a class or from all classes until the last day to withdraw from the semester or session. Check the Academic Calendar for the withdrawal date for each semester or session. The time in which withdrawals are allowed is called the Withdrawal Period. A grade of W is recorded on the student’s transcript for each course from which he or she withdraws.

Before Withdrawal Deadline (see Academic Calendar for dates):

To initiate a withdrawal from a class prior to the deadline, a student may use BengalWeb. In extreme cases where the student does not have the ability to access BengalWeb, contact the Office of the Registrar for assistance.

To withdraw from the university (withdraw from all classes) prior to the deadline, the student may use BengalWeb and withdraw from all classes. In extreme cases where the student does not have the ability to access BengalWeb, contact the Office of the Registrar for assistance. Students are encouraged to meet with an advisor before withdrawing completely.

After Withdrawal Deadline (see Academic Calendar for dates):

After the deadline, all withdrawals are handled by petition to the dean of the college in which the student is enrolled. (College of Technology students should contact the Student Services Office.) The dean will follow the same procedure used in the petitioning process for considering extraordinary academic issues.

Medical Withdrawal Policy*

*At the time of publication, the withdrawal policy was under review; it remains subject to change.

Voluntary (Student-Initiated) Medical Withdrawal

A medical withdrawal request must involve the student being ill or disabled from an illness, not the effects of another person’s illness. It is initiated in the same manner as other withdrawals, as noted above. Only complete withdrawals from the university are eligible to be considered for a medical withdrawal.

To initiate a medical withdrawal before the complete withdrawal deadline (see the Academic Calendar), a student first needs to completely withdraw from all classes through the Office of the Registrar (via a paper form or BengalWeb). When that is done, the student may then apply for a medical withdrawal through the Student Health Center by completing a Medical Withdrawal Application form. This form may be obtained from the University Health Center, the Counseling and Testing Center, the Student Services Office in the College of Technology, and the outreach offices of Idaho Falls, Twin Falls, and Meridian. It is also available on ISU’s University Health Center website. Completed forms should be submitted to the Student Health Center within two weeks (10 working days) of the date of complete withdrawal. The application must include a narrative summary written by the student requesting the medical withdrawal as well as medical documentation from a physician or counselor describing the problem and their recommendations that withdrawal due to illness is necessary. The Medical Withdrawal Committee then reviews the completed application and determines medical withdrawal eligibility.

Note: For refund information, see ISU’s Refund Policy and Refunds for Exceptional Circumstances Policy in the Expenses section of this catalog. If you wish to initiate an appeal for refund of fees, please contact Financial Services at 282-2287.

If the complete withdrawal deadline (see Academic Calendar) has passed, a student can still seek a medical withdrawal designation. First, the student fills out a petition for hardship withdrawal through the dean’s office of the college in which the student is enrolled (Arts and Letters for those students not yet affiliated with any college). If the dean (or designee) grants the student a hardship withdrawal, the student may then pursue a medical withdrawal designation as outlined in the above paragraph. The dean (or designee) may choose instead to sign a referral allowing the Student Health Center to examine the evidence (always medically related) and determine whether a withdrawal is warranted. Only if a hardship withdrawal is granted, or a referral is signed by the dean’s office, will the Medical Withdrawal Committee consider a request for a medical withdrawal.

The Medical Withdrawal Committee

The Medical Withdrawal Committee may include the director of the Student Health Center (or designee), the director of the Counseling and Testing Center (or designee), the university controller (or designee), the associate dean of Student Affairs (or designee), and/or the director of the ADA and Disabilities Resource Center (or designee).

Appeal of Denial of Medical Withdrawal

If the medical withdrawal is denied, the student may appeal the decision by written request to the vice president for Student Affairs. The appeal must be received within one month of the date of denial. The vice president’s (or designee’s) decision is final.

Medical Readmission

Students who have withdrawn for medical reasons may be required to petition the University Medical Withdrawal Committee for readmission. The decision to require a petition for readmission is based on need for further documentation that the medical condition has been adequately treated and that any necessary accommodations have been prepared to enhance the future academic success of the student. The decision is made at the time that the medical withdrawal is granted. This decision will be included in the letter of notification to the student that the medical withdrawal has been granted.

Students may forward their written petition for readmission to the Medical Withdrawal Committee via the Student Health Center staff. The granting readmission decision is based upon consideration of (1) reports of treatment, (2) letters of recommendation, and in some instances, (3) a personal interview with the medical director.

Appeal of Denial of Readmission

In the event of denial of readmission, the student may appeal to the vice president for Student Affairs. A written appeal (a letter from the student explaining the circumstances) must be received in the vice president for Student Affairs’ Office within two weeks (10 working days) of receipt of notification of denial of readmission. The vice president’s (or designee’s) decision is final.

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