Music:Performance (MUSP)

Music:Performance (MUSP)

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MUSP 5566 Chamber Choir: 1 semester hour.

Reading, study and performance of representative literature for chamber choir. Emphasis is placed on the individual's contribution toward the highest of choral standards. May be repeated

MUSP 5567 Opera Workshop: 1 semester hour.

Ensemble course devoted to the study and presentation of an opera

MUSP 5568 Instrumental Ensemble: 1 semester hour.

Ensemble training in various instrument combinations, such as string quartet and various woodwind and brass ensembles. Section 1, Woodwind Ensemble; Section 2, Brass Ensemble; Section 3, Percussion Ensemble; Section 4, String Ensemble; Section 5, Guitar Ensemble; Section 6, Keyboard Collaboration. May be repeated

MUSP 5569 Orchestra: 1 semester hour.

Sight reading of representative orchestral literature; orchestral routine, study, and public performance of major symphonic compositions including orchestral accompaniments

MUSP 5572 ISU Women's Choir: 1 semester hour.

Study, rehearsal and performance of traditional and non-traditional choral music for treble voices

MUSP 5573 Concert Choir: 1 semester hour.

Study and performance of the entire body of choral music. Includes several performances and concerts. Emphasis on attaining high musical standards and levels of choral-vocal proficiency

MUSP 5577 Symphonic Band: 1 semester hour.

Rehearsal and performance of traditional and contemporary wind literature in on- and off-campus concerts

MUSP 5578 Jazz Band: 1 semester hour.

Rehearsal and performance of standard and contemporary big-band literature. One or two concerts are given each semester

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