Surveying and Geomatics Engineering Technology

Surveying and Geomatics Engineering Technology

A Bachelor of Science degree in Surveying and Geomatics ­Engineering Technology is available.


Graduates of the Surveying and Geomatics Engineering Technology program will:

  1. Have the basic math and science knowledge and technical skills of the Surveying and Geomatics Engineering Technology discipline appropriate to enter careers in the geospatial community, for example, boundary surveying and legal principles, route and construction surveying, survey measurement analysis and adjustments, Global Positioning System (GPS), photogrammetry, geodesy, land/Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and 3D scanning.
  2. Have the ability to execute surveying/geomatics project activities for delivery in response to the needs of private and public industry.
  3. Have appropriate understanding of standards and specifications of surveying/geomatics practices in analyzing positional accuracy of measurement systems and in preparing land records and plats by meeting legal requirements.
  4. Have the knowledge to pass the national Fundamentals of Surveying and PS exams, and after gaining experience, be qualified to take the Professional Surveying License Exams with an understanding of continued lifelong learning.
  5. Have an understanding of the  professional, ethical and social issues with commitment to quality and dependability.

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This program requires students to achieve certain grades in order to advance each semester. Specific information is available in the program’s student handbook.

Bachelor of Science Degree: Surveying and Geomatics Engineering Technology

The following courses are required for a Bachelor of Science degree.

CET 0111/GEMT 1111Drawing with CAD3
CET 0112/GEMT 1112Beginning Survey5
CET 0121/GEMT 1121Civil Engineering Technology Drafting3
CET 0122/GEMT 1122Intermediate Surveying and Spatial Analysis5
CET 0216/GEMT 2216Route Survey and Design5
CET 0226/GEMT 2226Construction Surveying5
ENGL 3307Professional and Technical Writing3
GEMT 3310Boundary Surveying Law3
GEMT 3311Advanced Surveying3
GEMT 3312Public Land Surveying3
GEMT 3313Surveying Software Applications3
GEMT 3314Research and Evidence in Surveying3
GEMT 3315Surveying Adjustments and Coordinate Systems3
GEMT 3317Subdivision Planning and Platting2
GEMT 3319Writing Legal Descriptions1
GEMT 4411Geodesy3
GEMT 4415Survey Office Practice3
GEMT 4416Surveying Project3
GEMT 4430GPS Principles and Applications3
MATH 1147Precalculus5
Complete either these two courses:8
Calculus I
Calculus II
OR these two courses:
Introductory Calculus
Calculus for Advanced Electronics
Select ONE of the following: 3
Principles of Photogrammetry
Remote Sensing
Select ONE of the following:3
Principles of Cartography
Advanced Geographic Information Systems
Cartography History and Design
Select ONE of the following:3
Land Information System
Principles of Geographic Information Systems
and Principles of GIS Laboratory
GIS for Social Sciences
General Education Requirements
COMM 1101Principles of Speech (Satisfies General Education Objective 2)3
ENGL 1101English Composition (Partially satisfies General Education Objective 1)3
or ENGL 1101P English Composition Plus
ENGL 1102Critical Reading and Writing (Partially satisfies General Education Objective 1)3
MATH 1153Introduction to Statistics (Satisfies General Education Objective 3)3
PHYS 1101
Elements of Physics
and Elements of Physics Laboratory (Partially satisfies General Education Objective 5)
HIST 1118US History and Culture (Satisfies General Education Objective 7)3
ECON 1100Economic Issues (Each of these 3 courses partially satisfy General Education Objective 6)3
or ECON 2201 Principles of Macroeconomics
or ECON 2202 Principles of Microeconomics
PHIL 1103Introduction to Ethics (Partially satisfies General Education Objective 4)3
Other General Education Objective courses12
Total Hours121

How to Read Course Descriptions


GEMT 1111 Drawing with CAD: 3 semester hours.

A basic study of mechanical drawing with computer-aided drafting emphasis. Instructional units include icon uses with layers, linetypes and colors; editing drawings; coordinate usage; polylines, isoview text; hatching; dimensioning; multiview and layout. Equivalent to CET 0111. F

GEMT 1112 Beginning Surveying: 5 semester hours.

Introduction to surveying. Theory and field work using equipment in the areas of measuring (taping, chaining, using hand levels), leveling (differential and profile), theodolites and total stations. Field projects include alignment and profile, closed traverse, and introduction to survey coordinate geometry applications. Equivalent to CET 0112. F

GEMT 1121 Civil Engineering Technology Drafting: 3 semester hours.

Civil Engineering Technology drafting, municipal and rural maps and drawings, drainage applications, plan and profile drawings, cross-sections, earthwork plats, legal descriptions, contour, quantity calculations, and other details relating to pertinent civil engineer technology drawings. Computer-aided-drafting (CAD) is used for drawings. Equivalent to CET 0121. PREREQ: CET/GEMT 1111. S

GEMT 1122 Intermediate Surveying and Spatial Analysis: 5 semester hours.

Study land surveying techniques: traverses and closures, bearings, coordinates, construction surveying and staking. Control for surveys, topographic surveying and mapping using software, data collectors, and coordinate geometry (COGO) to solve surveying problems. Introduction to spatial analysis: data collection and transformation. Equivalent to CET 0122 and UAS 0222. PREREQ: CET 0112/GEMT 1112. S

GEMT 2216 Route Survey and Design: 5 semester hours.

Study of route surveying and route locations: circular, spiral, and parabolic curves as applied to highway design. Plans will be drawn using CAD and survey/engineering software. Equivalent to CET 0216. PREREQ: CET 0122/GEMT 1122. F

GEMT 2226 Construction Surveying: 5 semester hours.

Operations in construction surveying. Construction staking procedures and use of data collection software. Equivalent to CET 0226. PREREQ: CET 0216/GEMT 2216. S

GEMT 2296 Independent Study: 1-8 semester hours.

Addresses specific learning needs of individuals for the enhancement of knowledge and skills within the program area under the guidance of an instructor. May be repeated. Graded S/U, or may be letter-graded. PREREQ: Permission of the instructor. D

GEMT 2298 Special Topics: 1-8 semester hours.

Addresses the specific needs of industry, enabling students to upgrade technical skills that are not included in the current program curriculum. May be repeated. Graded S/U, or may be letter-graded. PREREQ: Permission of instructor. D

GEMT 3310 Boundary Surveying Law: 3 semester hours.

Concept of boundaries, ownership, transfer, boundary law principles, presumptions, easements and reversions, sequential and simultaneous conveyances, case studies, Riparian and littoral rights, state laws, rules for practicing surveying, ALTA survey. PREREQ: GEMT junior status or permission of instructor. S

GEMT 3311 Advanced Surveying: 3 semester hours.

Discuss transverse mercator projection and state plane coordinates, spherical trigonometry and astronomical observation, and coordinate geometry calculations. Control surveys include triangulation, precise traverse, intersection and resection. Collect data using robotic station, digital level, and precise leveling. PREREQ: CET 0226/GEMT 2226 or permission of instructor. F

GEMT 3312 Public Land Surveying: 3 semester hours.

Study of surveys of public land. Includes a general scheme of subdivision of U.S. public lands and legal aspects of land surveys, riparian rights, and irregularities in subdivision. Studies of Idaho Codes and regulation of public land surveys, corner perpetuation and filing, and recording of surveys. Students do case study and final report. PREREQ: CET 0226/GEMT 2226. F

GEMT 3313 Surveying Software Applications: 3 semester hours.

Civil/survey software. Topics include data download; batch file creation; editing and processing; COGO functions; field to finish functions; area and lot sizing; INs, DTMs and contours creation; calculation of volumes and basic road design and layout. PREREQ: CET 0226/GEMT 2226 or permission of instructor. F

GEMT 3314 Research and Evidence in Surveying: 3 semester hours.

Survey of research sources and techniques including field, surveyors' offices, governmental agency, courtroom procedures and practices. Local government agency permit and approval procedures. Surveyor/attorney interaction and roles. Student will work on case studies and prepare a final report. PREREQ: CET 0226/GEMT 2226. S

GEMT 3315 Surveying Adjustments and Coordinate Systems: 3 semester hours.

Studies matrix inverse; solution of linear equation by matrices, theory and computation of least squares adjustments, coordinate transformation, error ellipses, and statistical testing. PREREQ: MATH 1170, MATH 1153 and CET 0226/GEMT 2226. S

GEMT 3317 Subdivision Planning and Platting: 2 semester hours.

Land use planning; governmental regulations and permits as applied to subdivisions; subdivision planning, computations and preparation of subdivision plats. PREREQ: GEMT 2226. PRE-or-COREQ: GEMT 3313. F

GEMT 3319 Writing Legal Descriptions: 1 semester hour.

Covers principles of interpretation, techniques, and forms for descriptions and preparation of land descriptions. Layout, content, and display of plats and descriptions will be covered. PREPREQ: Permission of instructor. F

GEMT 4400 Essentials of Surveying: 2 semester hours.

Preparation for fundamentals of surveying exam. May not be used as a technical elective. May be repeated once for a total of 4 credits. PREREQ: Senior in Geomatics, graduate or Civil Engineering Technology, Civil Engineering, or industry experience. Graded S/U. F, S

GEMT 4411 Geodesy: 3 semester hours.

Introduces geometry of ellipsoid, reference coordinate systems, local geodetic coordinate system, reduction of observation to other geodetic values, precise leveling and orthometric height, direct and inverse geodetic position computation and gravity field of earth. PREREQ: GEMT 3311 or permission of instructor. S

GEMT 4413 Land Information System: 3 semester hours.

Model of land information system, reference systems, data capture, structure, quality, and implementation of land information system. Student works on a case study and writes a final report. PREREQ: GEMT 2226 and GEMT 2227 and MATH 1147 or permission of instructor. D

GEMT 4415 Survey Office Practice: 3 semester hours.

Introduction to the broad skills required of a surveyor running a business. Topics covered include formulating a business plan, forms of business organizations, basic financial forms and accounting, concepts of pricing and bidding, personnel management, marketing, contracts and proposals, and project management. PREREQ: Senior standing or permission of instructor. S

GEMT 4416 Surveying Project: 3 semester hours.

An independent study capstone course designed to further develop the skills required of a professional surveyor. Project is selected, designed, and performed under the guidance of a faculty member. A formal presentation and defense of the project to a faculty and peer committee is required. PREREQ: Senior standing or permission of instructor. D

GEMT 4425 Principles of Cartography: 3 semester hours.

Studies history of cartography; theory and practice of cartography including map reading, scales, spatial reference systems, projections, data acquisition, thematic mapping, map simplification, classification, generalization and map design, and computer mapping. PREREQ: GEMT junior status or higher or permission of instructor. S

GEMT 4430 GPS Principles and Applications: 3 semester hours.

Introduction to theory and use of GPS for mapping and survey application. Basic principles of GPS positioning, GPS differential techniques, types of GPS receivers, static, kinematic and RTK procedures, vector processing and adjustment, coordinate creation and output, and export of result. PREREQ: CET 0226/GEMT 2226 or permission of instructor. F

GEMT 4432 Principles of Photogrammetry: 3 semester hours.

Introduction to vertical photo geometry and its scale, relief and tilt displacement, stereoscopic viewing, parallax measurement, mosaics, orientations, development of planimetric and topographic maps, flight planning, softcopy photogrammetry and introduction to aerial triangulation. PREREQ: CET 0226/GEMT 2226 or permission of instructor. S

GEMT 4496 Independent Study: 1-8 semester hours.

Designed for creative problem solving and for integrating techniques into geomatics. Topics chosen depend upon student's interest or specific need of individuals in the area of surveying, mapping, geodetic surveying, boundary surveying, geodesy, remote sensing, cartography, and photogrammetry. PREREQ: Permission of instructor. D

GEMT 4498 Special Topics: 1-3 semester hours.

Designed for creative problem solving and for integrating techniques into geomatics. Topics chosen depend upon student's interest or specific need of individuals in the area of surveying, mapping, geodetic surveying, boundary surveying, geodesy, remote sensing, cartography, and photogrammetry. PREREQ: Permission of instructor. D


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