Classifications of Degree-Seeking Graduate Students

Classifications of Degree-Seeking Graduate Students


Classified Status

Graduates of regionally accredited institutions who have earned grade point averages of 2.5 or higher for the last 60 credits taken at the undergraduate level, are eligible, upon submission of official GRE/GMAT/MAT scores as appropriate, to be admitted to Classified status in graduate master's programs. Doctoral students must meet individual department GPA and standardized test requirements. See department sections of this catalog for complete information.

The College of Business requires the GMAT. The Department of Counseling and the College of Education accept the MAT in lieu of the GRE. Please see the department sections for this information.

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Classified (with Performance Requirements) [Classified (w/PR)] Status

Classified (with Performance Requirements) [i.e., Classified (w/PR)] status is a transitional status, and is not a valid status for a student to graduate.

In order to graduate, a student must have Classified status (see the following section "Change from Classified (w/PR) to Classified Status").

A department/college/division may, at its discretion, recommend admission for graduate students in a degree program with Classified (w/PR) status to ascertain their ability to do graduate work within a particular curriculum. Students admitted to Classified (w/PR) status are those who may not have satisfactorily met all admission requirements.

Classified (w/PR) status also may be recommended by a department for students whose credentials do not meet specific departmental requirements. NOTE: Students admitted to Classified (w/PR) status should ascertain their eligibility for federal financial aid. Such students are not eligible to receive Idaho State University graduate assistantships or Non-resident tuition waivers.

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Change from Classified (w/PR) to Classified Status

The following criteria must be met by the student before Classified (w/PR) status can be changed to Classified:

  1. The student must complete at least nine graduate credits and maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher;
  2. If the GRE/GMAT/MAT was not taken by the student prior to admission to Classified (w/PR) status, the student must take the GRE/GMAT/MAT specified in the Admission notification.

Upon completion of the above two criteria, a request to change the student’s status to Classified may be submitted to the Dean of the Graduate School. The following steps must be followed to accomplish this change:

  1. At any time after meeting the above criteria, a student may initiate an Approval for Change of Student Status in the Graduate School. The department/college/division may also initiate the change and should do so by written request when the student has met the required criteria.
  2. The change from Classified (w/PR) to Classified status must be approved by the Dean of the Graduate School.

If a student admitted to Classified (w/PR) status fails to meet the conditions for admission stated on the Admission notification, the student's admission may be revoked.

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Unclassified (Non-degree Seeking Students) Status

Individuals holding a bachelor's degree who desire to take courses for graduate credit for personal or professional enrichment but who do not want to pursue a graduate degree are eligible to apply for admission to Unclassified (non-degree seeking) status. Students who are admitted to Unclassified status are allowed to register for a maximum of 9 graduate credits per semester. Since an Unclassified status student is not seeking a degree, course and/or program advising, except on an informal basis if requested, will not be provided.

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