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MATH 1144 Trigonometry: 2 semester hours.

Circular functions and right triangle approaches to trigonometry. Graphs of trigonometric functions: amplitude, frequency, phase shift. Trigonometric identities, inverse functions, and equations. Introduction to vectors in the plane, polar coordinates, and polar representation of complex numbers. PREREQ: MATH 1143. F, S, Su

Department of Mathematics and Statistics English, foreign languages, and mathematics. 2 MATH 1144 may be waived given a sufficient...

Department of Geosciences

...1143 , MATH 1147 , or equivalent, is required for CHEM 1111 ; MATH 1143 and MATH 1144...

Department of Sport Science and Physical Education

...1 MATH 1147 Precalculus (5 cr) will substitute for MATH 1143 and MATH 1144 . Psychology...

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