Health Education 45 Credit Endorsement

Admission to Teacher Education Program

Required Courses:

HE 2200Promoting Wellness3
HE 2221Introduction to Community and Public Health3
HE 3340Fitness and Wellness Programs3
HE 3342Stress and Emotional Health3
HE 4410Health Behavior Change Theory and Application3
HE 4420Health Program Planning and Implementation3
HE 4430Curriculum and Methods in Health Education3
HE 4432Community and Public Health3
HE 4435Health Program Evaluation and Research3
HE 4442Environmental Health in Community and Public Health3
HE 4443Substance Abuse in Community and Public Health3
HE 4444Human Diseases in Community and Public Health3
HE 4445Human Sexuality in Community and Public Health3
NTD 2239Nutrition3
Plus one of the following courses (Minimum 3 credits)3
Health Education Methods Elementary (Required for K-12 Endorsement)
Leadership and Policy
Communication Strategies in Community and Public Health
HE Approved Electives (1-3)