Minor in Dance

The Dance minor may be taken by any Idaho State University student. Courses are especially designed to meet the needs of students involved in the performing arts, liberal arts, and education, as well as private dance studio teachers and those interested in pursuing professional careers in dance.

Students pursuing a minor in Dance should be enrolled in a dance technique class every semester. See also the list of courses recommended for students minoring in Dance.

Required Courses

DANC 1104World Dance Local Identity3
DANC 1107Theatre and Dance Showcase (4 semesters)0
DANC 1110Elements of Movement2
DANC 2205Dance in the Modern Era (Partially satisfies General Education Objective 4)3
DANC 2210Dance Composition I3
DANC 3380Dance Management and Production2
DANC 1100Ballet I2
DANC 1130Modern Dance I2
DANC 2230Modern Dance II2
Select ONE of the following courses:2-3
Performance and Society
Theatre Movement Workshop
Methods of Dance for Children
Aesthetic Issues in Dance
Dance Composition II
Dance Teaching Methods and Curriculum Design
Total Credits21