Welding Faculty

Coordinator and Master Instructor

Humpherys, Randy, Coordinator, Master Instructor, Welding.  Technical Certificate 1978, A.A.S. 2005, Idaho State University.  (1989)

Clinical Instructors

Bloxham, Lucas, Clinical Instructor, Welding. Technical Certificate 1997, Idaho State University.  (2005)

Erickson, David L., Clinical Instructor, Welding.  (2007)


Ryan, Buck, Instructor, Welding. Advanced Technical Certificate 2007, Idaho State University.  (2017)

Lester, Kyle, Instructor, Welding.  Technical Certificate 2005, Advanced Technical Certificate 2006, A.A.S. 2006, Idaho State University.  (2018)


Rost, Robert, Senior Instructor, Trade and Industrial Department. 1972-2007