Business and Support Services Faculty


Rhoads, Teena J., Department Chair, Business and Support Services.  B.S. 1994, M.Coun. 1997, Idaho State University.  (1987)

Coordinator and Clinical Assistant Professor

Lambert, Clayn, Coordinator, Clinical Assistant Professor, General Education.  B.A. 1999, Brigham Young University; M.A. 2002, University of Idaho. 2002, Ph.D. 2018, Idaho State University

Clinical Assistant Professor

Wilson, Matt C., Clinical Assistant Professor, General Education.  A.A. 2005, College of Southern Idaho; B.A. 2007, Lewis-Clark State College; M.A. 2011, Northern Arizona University.  (2013)

Clinical Senior Instructors

Barclay, Bryan, Clinical Senior Instructor, General Education.  B.S. 1980, Brigham Young University; M.S. 1987, University of Washington; Ph.D. 2001, Utah State University.  (1999)

Clarke, Michael R., Clinical Senior Instructor, General Education.  B.S. 1992, California Polytechnic State University; M.B.A. 2008, University of Phoenix.  (2012)


Allen, Donald, Instructor, General Education and Successful Transitions and Retention Track (START).  B.S. 1985, M.S. 1987, Idaho State University.  (2006)

Bennett, Geoffrey G., Instructor, General Education.  B.A. 2008, M.A. 2010, Idaho State University.  (2015)

MatusekMichael, Instructor, General Education.  B.S. 2011, M.S. 2014, Idaho State University.  (2016)


Eilander, Leann, Senior Instructor, General Education. 1981-2007

Pein, Deborah M., Assistant Professor, General Education. 1988-2011