START Program Staff and Instructors


Brown, Cherisse, B.A. 2009, Idaho State University.  (2018)

START Counselor

Oler, Shanon, A.S. 2008, Brigham Young University; B.S. 2013; M.Coun. 2015, Idaho State University.  (2018)


Allen, Donald, Math Instructor, Technical General Education and START.  B.S. 1985; M.S. 1987, Idaho State University.  (2006)

Serpa, Mike, Math Instructor, START.  B.S. 1968; M.S 1970, Idaho State University.  (2009)

Clarke, Mike, Technology Instructor, Technical General Education and START. B.S 1992 Calf. Polytechnic State University, M.B.A., 2008 University of Phoenix

Lion, Angela, Writing Instructor, START. B.S. Idaho State University