Associate of Applied Science: Administrative Management Technology

(2 Years)

Required Courses:
BT 0111Applied Business Principles3
BT 0115Practicum2
BT 0116Professional Leadership Development1
BT 0117Successful Workplace Communications3
BT 0120Basic Accounting3
BT 0123Financial Business Applications3
BT 0135Employees and HR Principles3
BT 0144Business Document Processing3
BT 0170Computer Literacy and Business Software3
BT 0171Computerized Accounting3
BT 0175Harnessing Digital Data Using Spreadsheets and Databases3
BT 0180Designing Web Communications3
BT 0181Maintaining Digital Communications3
MGT 2261Legal Environment of Organizations3
Six (6) credits of BT electives6
General Education courses
TGE 1140Survey of Applied Mathematics3
TGE 1150Applied Social Sciences in the Workplace3
TGE 1257Applied Ethics in Technology3
COMM 1101Fundamentals of Oral Communication3
ENGL 1101Writing and Rhetoric I3
Total Credits60