Minor in GeoTechnology

Core Courses:

GEOL 4403
Principles of Geographic Information Systems
and Principles of GIS Laboratory
GEOL 4404Advanced Geographic Information Systems3
GEOL 4407GPS/GNSS Applications in Research3
GEOL 4408GeoTechnology Seminar1-2
or BIOL 4418 Ecological Topics
GEOL 4409Remote Sensing3
Total Credits13-14

Electives (at least 5 credits):

ANTH 4482Independent Problems in Anthropology1-3
BIOL 4482Independent Problems1-4
GEOL 4427Information Technology for GIS3
GEOL 4428Programming for GIS3
GEOL 4480Special Topics in GIS1-3
GEOL 4481GeoTechnology Internship1-3
GEOL 4482Independent Problems and Studies in Geology1-3
Total Credits18-25