Bachelor of Arts in Biology with Natural History Concentration

The B.A. in Biology with Natural History Concentration is designed for students who want to pursue a career where skills and knowledge of natural history (outdoor or environmental education, interpretation, identification, field studies) are desirable. The B.A. has fewer courses in Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics than the B.S. in Biology, and more upper division electives, providing students with greater latitude to design their own program of study. Students who pursue the B.A. in Biology will not meet the minimum requirements for admission to most graduate research programs in biological sciences or professional programs in the health sciences.

The B.A. degree requires that students complete all of the General Education Objectives described in the Academic Information section of this catalog.  Students must also satisfy the core requirements listed below and the requirements of the Natural History Concentration.  All graduates of this degree program will earn a B.A. in Biology regardless of the concentration selected.

Required Core Courses:

BIOL 1101
Biology I
and Biology I Lab
BIOL 1102
Biology II
and Biology II Lab
BIOL 2206
BIOL 2207
Cell Biology
and Cell Biology Laboratory
BIOL 2209
General Ecology
and General Ecology Laboratory
BIOL 3358Genetics3
BIOL 4417Organic Evolution3
BIOL 4491
BIOL 4492
and Seminar

Required Supporting Science Courses:

MATH 1160Survey of Calculus3
or MATH 1153 Statistical Reasoning
CHEM 1111
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry I Lab
CHEM 1112
General Chemistry II
and General Chemistry II Lab

Concentration in Natural History

Students in the B.A. in Biology program with the Concentration in Natural History should meet with an advisor to select the most appropriate courses for their interests. Students in this program may consider a Minor in another program, such as Outdoor Education (see the College of Education, Department of Sport Science and Physical Education, for details) or Geology (see College of Science and Engineering, Department of Geosciences, for details).

In addition to completing the Required Core courses and the General Education Requirements, students earning a B.A. in Biology in the Natural History concentration must complete the following requirements.

Required Electives

Diversity, Ecology, and Evolution Courses:1

At least 2 courses with Animal emphasis7-8
At least 2 courses with Plant emphasis7-8

Biology Electives (any Biology course):

At least 3 courses in Biology, excluding BIOL 1100.8-10

Suggested Supporting Courses from Other Departments:

GEOL 1100The Dynamic Earth3
GEOL 1101Physical Geology3
HIST/MUSE 4411Introduction to Museum Studies2
PE 3386Outdoor Leadership3
PE 4440Survey of Outdoor Education Literature3
PE 4445Methods of Teaching Outdoor Activities and Practicum3-4