Bachelor of Science in Workplace Training and Leadership

Credit Requirements

Credit toward the BS in Workplace Training and Leadership must be earned in two (2) specific areas:

  1. General Education - University requirements for a BS degree: 36 credits minimum (see the General Education Requirements described in the Academic Information section of this catalog).
  2. Program Core and Electives Coursework - See requirements listed below.

Workplace Training and Leadership (WTL)

The BS in Workplace Training and Leadership is a degree for traditional students and working professionals taught entirely online with face-to-face and virtual advisements. It is sought by individuals interested in organizational learning careers, and by aspirational managers. The BS in Workplace Training and Leadership program is a flexible degree that prepares practitioners to identify and diagnose individual and organizational needs; to design, implement, and evaluate learning, development; and change strategies to improve performance. The degree is comprised of WTL Program Core courses, WTL Approved Elective courses, General Education courses, and Free Electives. The WTL Elective courses will be tailored to the individual’s degree plan to complement the student’s career choice and must be approved by the WTL advisor and may include competency-based experience courses, upper and some lower division courses (OLP and non-OLP coursework), and minors in disciplines complementary to the student’s career path. Other courses than those listed for WTL Electives will be considered in consultation with a WTL faculty member.

Minimum Requirements:

General education requirements for a BS Degree37
WTL Program Core33
WTL Approved Electives24
Free Electives26
Total Credits120

A grade of C- or higher is required for WTL Program Core and WTL Approved Electives.

WTL Program Required Core Courses:33
OLP 3331Theories and Models of Leadership3
OLP 4401Foundations of Human Resource Development3
OLP 4402Analysis and Course Construction3
OLP 4403Methods of Training3
OLP 4404Evaluating Training3
OLP 4407Instructional Technology in Human Resource Development3
OLP 4409Professional Readings and Writing in Human Resource Development3
OLP 4410Principles of Change3
OLP 4431Workplace Leadership3
OLP 4450Principles of Adult Education3
OLP 4465Practicum in Workplace Training and Leadership (or Advisor Approved Course)3
WTL Approved Electives:24
Select one of the following options. Option 1 is for students who are eligible for Competency-Based Equivalency (CBE).
Option 1: CBE Eligible
Competency-Based Equivalency I
Competency-Based Equivalency II
Option 2: Non-CBE Eligible
Select at least 24 Upper Division APPROVED credits. (See the following list for examples of acceptable courses; list is not exhaustive.) 1
Groups and Communication
Foundations of Leadership
Incident Command System Advanced
Individual and Organizational Behavior
Leading in Organizations
Learning Fundamentals
Consulting Skills in Human Resource Development
Ethics and Diversity in the Workplace
Reframing Organizations
Employee Engagement and Motivation
Facilitating Adult Learning
Facilities Management
Introduction to Political Philosophy
Comparative Politics Framework for Analysis
Community Planning
Social Psychology
Adult Development and Aging
Learning and Behavior
Classical Social Theory
Free Elective Courses26
The remaining 26 credits will be the student's choice.