B.S. in Workplace Training and Leadership - Career and Technical Teacher Education Option (WTL-CTE)

The Workplace Training and Leadership with a Career and Technical Teacher Education (WTL-CTE) option prepares persons for instructional responsibilities in career and technical education. The program includes content applicable to State of Idaho standards for Career and Technical educators. It emphasizes teaching career and technical subject areas in secondary and post-secondary institutions. 

The degree is comprised of WTL-CTE Program Core courses, WTL-CTE Approved Elective courses, General Education courses, and Free Electives. The WTL-CTE Elective courses will be tailored to the individual’s degree plan to complement the student’s career choice and must be approved by the WTL-CTE advisor. WTL-CTE Electives may include: Technical Specialization courses (from AAS, AS, certification, apprenticeship, ACE, or similar accredited occupational program), competency-based experience courses, and upper and some lower division courses (OLP and non-OLP coursework) complementary to the student’s career path. Other courses than those listed for WTL-CTE Approved Electives will be considered in consultation with a WTL-CTE faculty member.

Technical Specialization Coursework

Students enrolled in the WTL-CTE option may count 0-18 credits in a technical specialization degree or certificate in an occupational area recognized as a specialization offered in a post-secondary career and technical system towards Elective credits.

WTL-CTE Option Minimum Requirements:
General education requirements for a BS Degree37
WTL-CTE Program Core33
Electives (including Technical specialization - maximum of 18 credits)50
Total Credits120
WTL-CTE Option Required Core Courses:33
OLP 3331Theories and Models of Leadership3
CTE 4401Foundations of Career and Technical Education3
CTE 4402Analysis and Course Construction3
CTE 4403Methods of Teaching in Career and Technical Education3
CTE 4404Evaluation in Career and Technical Education3
OLP 4410Principles of Change3
OLP 4431Workplace Leadership3
CTE 4444Career Guidance and Special Needs Career and Technical Education3
OLP 4450Principles of Adult Education3
CTE 4464Career and Technical Education Instructional Facilities Management3
CTE 4467Practicum: Student Teaching3
Technical Specialization18 (max)
OLP 2220Technical Education Equivalency1-18
WTL-CTE Option Approved Electives:24
Select one of the following options. Option 1 is for students who are eligible for Competency-Based Equivalency (CBE).
Option 1: CBE Eligible
Competency-Based Equivalency I (12 credits)
Competency-Based Equivalency II (12 credits)
Option 2: Non-CBE Eligible
Select at least 24 Upper Division APPROVED credits * (See following list for examples of acceptable courses; list is not exhaustive)
Groups and Communication
Foundations of Leadership
Individual and Organizational Behavior
Learning Fundamentals
Instructional Technology in Human Resource Development
Professional Readings and Writing in Human Resource Development
Consulting Skills in Human Resource Development
Supervision and Organization of Career and Technical Student Organizations
Reframing Organizations
Employee Engagement and Motivation
Facilitating Adult Learning
Social Psychology
Learning and Behavior