Minor in Sign Language Studies

Procedure: Interested students should contact the department to declare a minor and be assigned a minor advisor.

Required Courses:
CSD 1151American Sign Language I3
CSD 1151LAmerican Sign Language I Laboratory1
CSD 1152American Sign Language II3
CSD 1152LAmerican Sign Language II Laboratory1
CSD 2256Deaf Culture and Community ((Satisfies General Education Objective 9)3
CSD 2258Language Acquisition in American Sign Language3
Electives - A minimum of 18 departmental course credits are required. Students may choose from the following list of elective courses to reach the minimum 18 credits.
CSD 2249Fingerspelling and Numbers3
CSD 2250Introduction to the Interpreting Profession3
CSD 2251American Sign Language III4
CSD 2251LAmerican Sign Language III Laboratory0
CSD 2252American Sign Language IV4
CSD 2252LAmerican Sign Language IV Laboratory0
CSD 3341Audiometry and Hearing Science3
CSD 3351Linguistics of American Sign Language3
CSD 3352Depiction in American Sign Language3
CSD 4420Clinical Processes Adult2
SPED 3330The Exceptional Child3
Total Credits 18