Radiographic Science Faculty

Program Director and Assistant Professor

Christopher Wertz, MSRS, R.T.(R)(ARRT)

Clinical Coordinator and Clinical Assistant Professor

Wendy Mickelsen, MHE, R.T.(R)(M)(BD)(ARRT)

Assistant Professor

Trevor Ward, MSRS, R.T.(R)(CT)(MR)(ARRT)

Clinical Assistant Professor

Chelsie Wheatly, BSRS, R.T.(R), RDMS, RVT

Clinical Affiliate Instructors

Breezy Bird, BSRS, R.T.(R)(M)(ARRT)
Shannon Bitton, BSRS, R.T.(R)(ARRT)
Sidnie Christophersen, BS, R.T.(R)(CT)(ARRT)
Davin Gilbert, BSRS, R.T.(R)(CT)(ARRT)
Natalie Godby, AAS, R.T.(R)(M)(ARRT)
Tom Hammer, BS, R.T.(R)(ARRT)
Isabel Hopkins, BSRS, R.T.(R)(CT)(ARRT)
Caitie Hyde, BSRS, R.T.(R)(ARRT)
Benjiman Jacobsen, BSRS, R.T.(R)(ARRT)
Adam Jacobson, BSRS, R.T.(R)(N)(CT)(ARRT)
Brett Jensen, BSRS, R.T.(R)(ARRT)
Teresa Rhodes, BSRS, R.T.(R)(M)(CT)(ARRT)
Karen Turner, BSRS, R.T.(R)(ARRT)