Counseling Faculty

Chair and Professor

Kleist, David M., Professor and Director of Assessment for Accreditation, Counseling.  B.A. 1987, University of ­Wisconsin; M.A. 1991, Governors State University; Ph.D. 1995, Southern Illinois University.  (1995)


Horn-Doughty, Elizabeth, Professor, Counseling.  B.A. 1996, East Texas State University; M.A. 1998, Sam Houston State University; Ph.D. 2006, Texas A&M University-Commerce.  (2006)

Associate Professors

Astramovich, Randall L., Associate Professor, Counseling.  B.A. 1990, M.Ed. 1994, Ph.D. 2000, University of North Texas.  (2015)

Moody, Steven J., Associate Professor, Counseling.  B.S. 1996, University of Wyoming; M.Coun. 2007, Ph.D. 2012, Idaho State University.  (2014)

Stewart, Leslie A., Associate Professor, Counseling.  B.A. 2007, Georgia State University; M.Ed. 2009, University of Georgia; Ph.D. 2014, Georgia State University.  (2014) 

Yates, Chad M., Associate Professor, Counseling.  B.S. 2005, University Toledo; M.S. 2008, University of Toledo; Ph.D. 2012, Kent State University.  (2013)

Assistant Professors

Austin, Bryan, Assistant Professor, Counseling.  B.A. 1997, University of Oregon; M.S. 2003, Portland State University; Ph.D. 2012, Michigan State University.  (2020)

Borden, Ne'Shaun J., Assistant Professor, Counseling. B.S. 2010, Florida State University; M.S. 2015, University of North Florida; Ph.D. 2020 Old Dominion University.  (2020)

Pocatello Counseling Clinic Director

Parmanand, Shawn, Clinical Assistant Professor, Pocatello Counseling Clinic Director, and Professional Development Workshop Coordinator, Counseling.  B.A. 2004, M.Coun. 2007, Ph.D. 2010, Idaho State University. (2018)

Meridian Counseling Clinic Director

Lamprecht, Logan, Clinical Assistant Professor and Meridian Counseling Clinic Director, Counseling.  B.A. 2003, M.A. 2007, Idaho State University; Ph.D. 2011, Kent State University.  (2018)

Affiliate Instructor

Erickson, Lance, Instructor and Director, Career Center, Counseling.  A.A. 1991, Ricks College; B.A. 1994, Brigham Young University; M.Coun. 2004, Ed.D. 2012, Idaho State University.  (2004)


Allen, Virginia B., Professor, Counseling.  1981-2012

Crews, Judith A., Associate Professor, Counseling.  2000-2019

Edgar, Thomas E., Professor, Counselor Education.  1966-1987

Feit, Stephen S., Professor, Counseling.  1973-2013

Lloyd, Arthur P., Professor, Counseling.  1967-2001