I.T.C. Advanced Automation and Manufacturing

(1 Year)

ADMT 0101Introduction to Machining3
ADMT 0102Electronics Orientation3
ADMT 0103Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing Welding Processes I3
ADMT/ESET 0162Industrial Health and Safety2
ADMT/INST 0220Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers3
ADMT/MACH 0221CAD and CAM I Theory3
ADMT/ESET 0242Practical Process Measurements and Control2
ADMT/ESET 0243Fluid and Pneumatic Power2
ADMT/ESET 0243LFluid and Pneumatic Power Lab2
ADMT 0244Advanced Manufacturing Welding Processes II3
ADMT 0245Lean and Six Sigma3
ADMT/ESET 0246Materials and Metallurgy2
Total Credits31