A.A.S. Advanced Automation and Manufacturing

(2 Years)

Required Courses:

ADMT 0101Introduction to Machining3
ADMT 0102Electronics Orientation3
ADMT 0103Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing Welding Processes I3
ADMT/ESET 0162Industrial Health and Safety2
ADMT/INST 0220Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers3
ADMT/MACH 0221CAD and CAM I Theory3
ADMT/ESET 0242Practical Process Measurements and Control2
ADMT/ESET 0243Fluid and Pneumatic Power2
ADMT/ESET 0243LFluid and Pneumatic Power Lab2
ADMT 0244Advanced Manufacturing Welding Processes II3
ADMT 0245Lean and Six Sigma3
ADMT/ESET 0246Materials and Metallurgy2
General Education courses 115

Select one of the following options:

Option 1: Electrical and Instrumentation Specialization

ESET 0122Electrical Systems and Motor Control Theory3
ESET 0122LElectrical Systems and Motor Control Theory Laboratory1
ESET 0222Process Control Theory3
ESET 0226Process Control Devices Laboratory1
ESET 0231Microcontrollers2
ESET 0231LMicrocontrollers Laboratory1
ESET 0233Electrical Power Systems3
ESET 0233LElectrical Power Systems Laboratory3

Option 2: Welding Specialization

WELD 0142Blueprint Reading for Welders2
WELD 0232Welding Practice IV13

Total Hours for the AAS:                                                                                                            61 or 62