Educational Specialist in School Psychology or Special Education

Admission Requirements

Candidates for the Educational Specialist in School Psychology or Special Education degree must meet all college and university requirements for admission and retention. The student must hold a master’s degree in the area of the chosen Ed.S. major. Master’s degree majors in a closely related field may be approved upon recommendation of the selection committee.

General Requirements

The student must complete 64 credits in Special Education or 66 credits in School Psychology, including the master’s degree and a specialist paper. All post-master’s degree coursework must be taken from members of the Idaho State University graduate faculty or be approved in advance by the graduate faculty. A minimum grade point average of 3.0 (B) is required over all course work taken in the Ed.S. program. An oral examination covering the specialist paper, portfolio, and/or relevant topics is required.

Time Requirement

All requirements for the Ed.S. must be completed within a period of five years from the date of completion of the first post-master’s degree course to be applied toward the degree.

Specific Requirements: School Psychology Major

The Ed.S. in School Psychology is designed to be consistent with the minimal entry-level requirements in the field of School Psychology as presented by the National Association of School Psychologists. A master’s degree as a school psychological examiner or its equivalent is required.

The Ed.S. is viewed as a practitioner’s degree and will focus on applied activities.

Course Requirements
SCPY 6615Advanced Child Psychology3
SCPY 6616Psychological Assessment3
SCPY 6652Specialist Paper1-3
SCPY 6662Consultation in Schools3
SCPY 6663Clinical and Diagnostic Interviewing in Schools3
SCPY 6664Neurocognition and Learning3
SCPY 6665Clinical School Psychology3
SCPY 6669Advanced Practicum in School Psychology3
SCPY 7759Ed.S Internship6
Additional Requirements
Students will also prepare a School Psychology Portfolio. The Portfolio will be presented and defended in the Oral Examination.
Total Credits28-30

 Special Education Major

Please note: The curriculum for the Master of Education in Special Education is under revision and will not be completed in time to appear in this catalog. Please contact Teaching & Educational Studies for information (208) 282-2976.

The following course work is required:

  1. A minimum of 21 credits in special education coursework at or above the 6600 level (including administration of special education), of which 6 credits are in the supervision of clinical practicum in special education and 3 credits are in internship in special education.
  2. Behavioral sciences and/or education/school psychology, 9 credits.
  3. Educational Specialist Paper in Special Education, SPED 6652, 1-3 credits. The number of credits will be determined by the advisor and student.