Accelerated Exercise Science / BS / MSAT

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The Exercise Science BS / MSAT accelerated program provides students the opportunity to complete their BS and MSAT in 5, rather than 6 years.

Admissions Requirements

Students will declare their interest in the accelerated program during the spring semester of the sophomore year. Application to the accelerated program will take place in fall of the junior year. Students will submit the same information as those who are applying for the stand-alone MSAT program. Formal application to the Graduate School will be required during the semester the student will complete their bachelor's degree.

Awarding of Degrees

The BS degree will be awarded when the student has completed all requirements necessary to earn the bachelor's degree, which equates with the end of the Fall I semester in the below plan of study. The MSAT will be awarded at the end of the Spring II semester.

A full description of this program is available in the undergraduate section of the catalog.

Graduate Component

Summer I
AT 6600Foundations of Athletic Training3
AT 6600LFoundations of Athletic Training Lab1
AT 6604Continuum of Care I: Foot, Ankle, Lower Leg3
AT 6612Introduction to Therapeutic Modalities and Exercise2
Fall I
AT 6661Clinical Education in Athletic Training I4
AT 6606Continuum of Care II: Knee, Hip, Pelvis and Lumbar Spine5
AT 6640Research Methods in Athletic Training3
Spring I
AT 6662Clinical Education in Athletic Training II3
AT 6608Continuum of Care III: Upper Extremity5
HPSS 5514Athletic Performance Nutrition3
AT 6651Capstone Assessment1
Summer II
AT 6602General Medical Assessment2
AT 6699Experimental Course1
Fall II
AT 6663Clinical Education in Athletic Training III4
AT 6602LPathophysiology and General Medicine Lab1
AT 6610Continuum of Care IV: Head, Neck, Cervical and Thoracic Spine5
AT 6651Capstone Assessment1
Spring II
AT 6664Clinical Education in Athletic Training IV3
AT 6614Interprofessional Relationships and Trends in Athletic Training3
AT 6645Organization and Administration of Athletic Training3
AT 6651Capstone Assessment1
Total Credits57