Certificate in Idaho Dental Education Program

Required Basic Science Courses
BIOL 5500Oral Histology and Embryology3
BIOL 5500LOral Histology and Embryology Lab0
BIOL 5519Mammalian Histology4
BIOL 5519LMammalian Histology Lab0
BIOL 5532Biochemistry3
BIOL 5540Human Gross Anatomy4
BIOL 5540LHuman Gross Anatomy Lab0
BIOL 5546Selected Topics in Physiology1
BIOL 5550Head and Neck Anatomy4
BIOL 5550LHead and Neck Anatomy Lab0
BIOL 5555Pathogenic Microbiology3
BIOL 5560Neuroscience4
BIOL 5568Oral Microbiology1
Required Dental Science Courses
IDEP 5513Dental Anatomy Lecture I1
IDEP 5514Dental Anatomy Laboratory3
IDEP 5515Dental Materials Science I2
IDEP 5517Interpersonal Relationships and Communication1
IDEP 5523Preventative Dentistry2
IDEP 5525History of Dentistry1
IDEP 5526Community Dentistry Field Experience1
IDEP 5533Oral Hygiene Technique1
IDEP 5534Dental Materials Science II3
IDEP 5535Occlusion Laboratory1
IDEP 5544Values and Ethics1
IDEP 5554Occlusion Lecture1
IDEP 5563Dental Radiology I1
IDEP 5564Dental Radiology Technique1
NTD 5595Dental Nutrition1
Optional Dental Science Course
IDEP 6617Extramural Dental Education Program2