Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs

(For a list of degrees and certificates offered by the Graduate School, please refer to the Graduate Programs page of the Graduate Catalog.)

Bachelor Degrees

Accounting - B.B.A.
Anthropology - B.A.
Applied Science - B.A.S.
Art - B.A., B.F.A.
Biochemistry - B.S.
Biology - B.A., B.S.
Business Informatics - B.B.A.
- B.A., B.S.
Civil Engineering - B.S.
Communication - B.A.
Communication Sciences and Disorders - B.S.
Computer Science - B.S.
Dance Choreography and Performance - B.A.
Dental Hygiene - B.S.
Dietetics - B.S.
Earth and Environmental Systems - B.A., B.S.
Economics - B.A., B.S.
Education, Blended Early Childhood - B.A.
Education, Elementary - B.A., B.S.
Education, Secondary - B.A., B.S.
Education, Special Education - B.A., B.S.
Electrical Engineering - B.S.
Electrical Engineering Technology - B.S.
Emergency Management - B.S.
English - B.A.
Finance - B.B.A.
Fire Services Administration - B.S.
French for Business and Professions - B.A.
General Business - B.B.A.
General Family and Consumer Sciences
- B.S.
General Studies - B.A.
Geology - B.A., B.S.
German for Business and Professions - B.A.
Healthcare Administration - B.S.
Health Education - B.A., B.S.
Health Informatics - B.B.A.
Health Physics - B.S.
Health Science: Emergency Medical Services - B.S.
Health Science: Health Occupations - B.S.
Health Science: Health Science - B.S.
Health Science: Pre-Occupational Therapy - B.S.
Health Science: Pre-Occupational Therapy, Accelerated - B.S.
History - B.A.
International Studies - B.A.
Management - B.B.A.
Marketing - B.B.A.
Mathematics - B.S.
Mechanical Engineering - B.S.
Medical Laboratory Science - B.S.
Microbiology - B.S.
Music - B.A., B.M., B.S.
Music Education - B.M.E.
Nuclear Engineering - B.S.
Nursing - B.S.
Philosophy - B.A.
Physical Education - B.A., B.S.
Physics - B.A., B.S.
Political Science - B.A., B.S.
Psychology - B.A., B.S.
Radiographic Science - B.S.
Sign Language Interpreting - B.S.
Social Work - B.A.
Sociology - B.A.
Sociology: Criminology Concentration - B.A.
Spanish - B.A.
Spanish for Business and Professions - B.A.
Spanish for the Health Professions - B.A.
Statistics - B.S.
Surveying and Geomatics Engineering Technology - B.S.
Theatre - B.A.

Theatre, Film, and Video - B.A.
Workplace Training and Leadership - B.S.
Workplace Training and Leadership: Professional-Technical Education Option - B.S.

Associate Degrees

Accounting Technology - A.A.S.
Administrative Management Technology - A.A.S.
Advanced Automation and Manufacturing - A.A.S.
Airframe and Powerplant - A.A.S.
Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing - A.A.S.
Automotive Technology - A.A.S.
Business - A.S.
Civil Engineering Technology - A.A.S.
Computer Aided Design Drafting Technology - A.A.S.
Computerized Machining Technology - A.A.S.
Criminology - A.A.
Cyber-Physical Security - A.A.S.
Diesel Technology - A.A.S.
Early Childhood Care and Education - A.A.S.
Electrical Apprenticeship - A.A.S.
Emergency Management - A.S.
Energy Systems Electrical Engineering Technology - A.A.S.
Energy Systems Instrumentation Engineering Technology - A.A.S.
Energy Systems Mechanical Engineering Technology - A.A.S.
Energy Systems Nuclear Operations Technology - A.A.S.
Energy Systems Wind Engineering Technology - A.A.S. (Inactive)
Fire Services Administration - A.S.
General Studies - A.A.
Health Information Technology - A.A.S.
Health Physics - A.S.
Industrial Controls - A.A.S.
Information Technology Systems - A.A.S.
Law Enforcement - A.A.S.
Massage Therapy - A.A.S.
Mathematics - A.S.
Medical Assisting - A.A.S.
Nursing - A.S.
Occupational Therapy Assistant - A.A.S.
On-Site Power Generation Technology - A.A.S.
Paralegal Studies - A.A.S.
Paramedic Science - A.S.
Physical Therapist Assistant - A.A.S.
Physics - A.S.
Plumbing Apprenticeship - A.A.S.
Respiratory Therapy
- A.S.
Robotics and Communications Systems Engineering Technology - A.A.S.
Russian - A.A.
Shoshoni - A.A.
Sign Language Studies - A.S.
Small Business Technology - A.A.S.
Unmanned Aerial Systems - A.A.S.
Welder-Fitter - A.A.S.

Academic Certificates

Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor
Community Paramedic
Interprofessional Geriatric Certificate
Language Proficiency, Basic (French, German, Japanese)
Language Proficiency, Advanced (French, German, Japanese, Spanish)
Organizational Leadership

Basic Technical Certificates

Business Technology
CNC Programmer
Computer Network Technician
Early Childhood Care and Education
Instrumentation and Automation Assistant
Law Enforcement
Materials Testing and Specification
Nail Technology
Small Business Technology
Unmanned Aerial Systems

Intermediate Technical Certificates

Accounting Technology
Administrative Technology
Advanced Automation and Manufacturing
Automotive Collision Repair
Automotive Refinishing
Automotive Technology
Cyber-Physical Security
Early Childhood Care and Education
Energy Systems Renewable Energy Technology (Inactive)
Energy Systems Technology
Law Enforcement
Massage Therapy
Mechanical Drafting
Medical Coding
Unmanned Aerial Systems
Welder General

Advanced Technical Certificates

Automotive Repair and Refinishing
Civil Engineering Technician
CNC Operator
Computer Aided Design Drafting
Computer Network Technician
Diesel Technology
Laser/Electro-Optics Technology
Machining Technology
On-Site Power Generation Technology
Pharmacy Technology
Power Plant
Practical Nursing
Robotics and Communications Systems Engineering Technology


American Indian Studies
Applied Mathematics
Art (Studio)
Art History
Business Administration
Computer Science
Consumer Economics
Deaf Education
Emergency Management
Family and Consumer Sciences
Gender and Sexuality Studies
Health Education, non-teaching
Human Resource Development
International Commerce
International Studies
Latino Studies
Military Science
Organizational Leadership
Outdoor Education
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Philosophy and Religion
Political Science
Public Relations/Advertising
Rhetoric and Media Affairs
Sign Language Studies
Sport Management
Visual Communication (Design, Photo Media, and Video options)

Professional Degree

Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)

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