Associate of Applied Science: Massage Therapy

(2 Years)
(1153 clock hours)

Prerequisite Courses:
(Prerequisite courses must be completed prior to acceptance into the program.)
MSTH 0100Massage Therapy Career Exploration2
HO 0111Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology 14
Required Courses:
HO 0106Medical Terminology2
HO 0208Introduction to Pathology3
MSTH 0104Introduction to Kinesiology3
MSTH 0105Principles of Therapeutic Massage2
MSTH 0107Professional Massage Techniques6
MSTH 0121AMassage Therapy Lab I1
MSTH 0121BMassage Therapy Lab II3
MSTH 0140Clinical Techniques and Assessment4
MSTH 0160Advanced Therapeutic Massage Techniques4
MSTH 0205Case Report Research Project2
MSTH 0210Business Skills for Massage Therapy2
Select 4 credits from the following courses:4
Spa Techniques (2 cr.)
Asian Bodywork Theory and Techniques (2 cr.)
Sports Massage (2 cr.)
Select 3 credits from the following courses:3
Medical Law and Ethics (3 cr.)
Basic Accounting (3 cr.)
Business Document Processing (3 cr.)
Computer Literacy and Business Software (3 cr.)
Computerized Accounting (3 cr.)
General Education courses 215
Total Credits60