Major Academic Plan for A.D.T.C. in Information Technology Systems


A Major Academic Plan (MAP) illustrates one way to complete a degree in a recommended number of semesters. Below is an example of an efficient and recommended plan, but actual plans will vary by individual student needs.  Program requirements are based on Catalog Year.

MAP Grid
Course Subject and TitleCreditsMin Grade*Program Element**When OfferedPrerequisiteCo Requisite
First Semester
GE Objective 6: TGE 1150 Applied Social Sciences in the Workplace 3  GE   
ITS 0100 4 C- F, S  
ITS 0110 4 C- F, S  
ITS 0120 Introduction to Linux 3 C- F, S  
ITS 0135 Windows Desktop Operating Systems 3 C- F, S  
Semester Total17
Second Semester
TGE 0158 Employment Strategies 2 C- D  
ITS 0150 Networking I 4 C- F, S  
ITS 0165 Cybersecurity 3 C-  ITS 0110 
ITS 0180 Network Operating Systems I 3 C- F, S ITS 0135. 
Semester Total12
Third Semester
GE Objective 1: ENGL 1101 English Composition 3  GE Appropriate Placement Score 
ITS 0215 Networking II 3 C-  F, SITS 0150. 
ITS 0218 PowerShell Scripting 3 C-  F, SITS 0135. 
ITS 0230 3 C-    
Semester Total12
Fourth Semester
ITS 0220 Networking III 3 C- F, SITS 0215. 
ITS 0240 4 C- F, S  
Semester Total7
ITS 0205 Information Technology Internship 7 C- SuITS 0150. 
Semester Total7