standard Associate of Applied Science: Energy Systems Electrical Engineering Technology

Program Admissions Requirements

There are no program admission requirements for the A.A.S in Energy Systems Electrical Engineering Technology

General Education

The listing below includes program requirements that also fulfill General Education requirements.

Objective 1 - ENGL 1101, ENGL 1101P, OR ENGL 11023
Objective 2 - COMM 1101 3
Objective 3 - MATH 1153 3
Objective 6 3
Any unfilled objective - CHEM 1100 or PHYS 1101/L4
Total Credits16

Major Requirements

ESET 0100Engineering Technology Orientation1
ESET 0100LEngineering Technology Orientation Lab1
ESET 0101Electrical Circuits I5
ESET 0101LElectrical Circuits I Laboratory5
ESET 0102Electrical Circuits II5
ESET 0102LElectrical Circuits II Laboratory5
ESET 0141Applied Mathematics I4
ESET 0142Applied Mathematics II4
ESET 0181Information Technology Fundamentals3
ESET 0212Electrical Systems Documentation and Standards1
ESET 0222Process Control Theory3
ESET 0226Process Control Devices Laboratory1
ESET 0292Electrical Engineering Technology I7
ESET 0292LElectrical Engineering Technology I Laboratory5
ESET 0293Electrical Engineering Technology II5
ESET 0293LElectrical Engineering Technology II Laboratory4
TGE 0159Internship Strategies1
Choose CHEM 1100 or PHYS 1101/L4
Choose MATH 1153 or MATH 11703
Total Credits67

Degree Totals

Program Admission Requirements0
General Education16
Major Requirements60
Upper Division Free Electives0
Free Electives0
Total Credits76

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Major Academic Plan (MAP)