Major Academic Plan for I.T.C. in Energy Systems, Instrumentation Technology


A Major Academic Plan (MAP) illustrates one way to complete a degree in a recommended number of semesters. Below is an example of an efficient and recommended plan, but actual plans will vary by individual student needs.  Program requirements are based on Catalog Year.

MAP Grid
Course Subject and TitleCreditsMin Grade*Program Element**When OfferedPrerequisiteCo Requisite
First Semester
GE Objective 2: COMM 1101 Principles of Speech 3  GE   
ESET 0100
0100L Engineering Technology Orientation
and Engineering Technology Orientation Lab
2 C- F, S  
ESET 0101
0101L Electrical Circuits I
and Electrical Circuits I Laboratory
10 C- F ESET 0101L.
ESET 0141 Applied Mathematics I 4 C- F, S ESET 0101 or ESET 0121.
Semester Total19
Second Semester
GE Objective 5: PHYS 1101 & 1101L Elements of Physics 4  GE   
ESET 0102
0102L Electrical Circuits II
and Electrical Circuits II Laboratory
10 C- F, S ESET 0102L.
ESET 0110
0110L Introduction to Process Control
and Introduction to Process Control Laboratory
2 C- F, SESET 0100ESET 0110L.
ESET 0142 Applied Mathematics II 4 C- F, S  ESET 0102 or ESET 0127.
Semester Total20