Advanced Technical Certificate: Powerplant

(2 Years)

AIRM 0100Introduction to Aircraft Maintenance and Aviation Aerodynamics1
AIRM 0101Mathematics3
AIRM 0104Materials and Processes5
AIRM 0107Forms and Regulations3
AIRM 0108Basic Electricity3
AIRM 0109Fluid Systems4
AIRM 0110Landing Gear Systems2
AIRM 0111Auxiliary Systems2
AIRM 0112Aircraft Electrical Systems4
AIRM 0113Rigging and Inspection3
AIRM 0114Metallic Structures3
AIRM 0115Aircraft Instruments, Communications, and Navigation2
AIRM 0116Non-Metallic Structures4
AIRM 0221Reciprocating Engine Theory and Practice3
AIRM 0222Advanced Reciprocating Engine Inspection and Maintenance3
AIRM 0223Basic Turbine Engines4
AIRM 0224Advanced Turbine Engines3
AIRM 0225Powerplant Lubrication Systems3
AIRM 0227Engine Fuel Metering Systems3
AIRM 0228Engine Ignition Systems4
AIRM 0229Engine Electrical and Instrument Systems4
AIRM 0230Propeller Systems4
Total Credits70