B.S. Electrical Engineering Technology

The Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology (BSEET) program is a two-year program intended to supplement the following two-year Associate of Applied Science programs offered by the ISU College of Technology:  Energy Systems Electrical Engineering Technology, Energy Systems Instrumentation Engineering Technology, and Energy Systems Wind Engineering Technology.  Previous graduates of those programs may directly enter the BSEET program.  All students earning a B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology must complete all of ISU’s General Education requirements. The program requires 54 credits of core and optional courses plus completion of all of ISU's General Education requirements.

Core Courses Required for Electrical Engineering Technology Major:
ENGL 1102Writing and Rhetoric II (Partially Satisfies General Education Objective 1)3
ENGL 3307Professional and Technical Writing3
MATH 1170Calculus I (Satisfies General Education Objective 3)4
MATH 1175Calculus II4
MATH 3360Differential Equations3
CE 3361Engineering Economics and Management3
EET 2240Introduction to Electrical Circuits3
EET 2274Introduction to Digital Systems3
EET 2275Introduction to Digital Systems Laboratory1
EET 3340Fundamentals of Electrical Devices3
EET 3342Fundamentals of Electrical Devices Laboratory1
EET 3345Signals and Systems3
EET 4400Senior Seminar1
EET 4426Computer Architecture and Organization3
EET 4427Embedded Systems Engineering2
EET 4427LEmbedded Systems Laboratory1
EET 4472Electrical Machines and Power3
EET 4472LElectrical Machines and Power Laboratory1
EET 4496Senior Project3
Option Courses (see below)6
Total Credits54
Electronics Option
EET 3329Introduction to Electronics3
EET 4429Advanced Electronics3
Communications Option
EET 3329Introduction to Electronics3
EET 4418Communication Systems3
Signal Processing and Control Option
EET 4473Automatic Control Systems3
EET 4475Digital Signal Processing3