Bachelor of Science in Geology with Engineering Geology Emphasis

The B.S. degree is offered for undergraduates who wish to become professional ­geoscientists either after their bachelor’s degree or after subsequent graduate study. It trains students in the essential observational and analytical skills of field geology as well as more applied areas of microscope petrology, geochemistry, and geotechnology. The B.S. degree is designed to give the student a broad and comprehensive understanding of the discipline of geology and a firm background in math, physics, and ­chemistry. Students must fulfill 8 of the 9 University General Education Objectives (a minimum of 36 credits--see the General Education Requirements in the Academic Information section of this catalog).

Required Courses:
MATH 1170Calculus I4
MATH 1175Calculus II3-4
or MATH 3350 Statistical Methods
CHEM 1111
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry I Lab
CHEM 1112
General Chemistry II
and General Chemistry II Lab
PHYS 1111General Physics I 13-4
or PHYS 2211 Engineering Physics I
GEOL 1107Real Monsters 23
GEOL 2204Fluid Earth4
GEOL 2205Solid Earth4
GEOL 3310Geologic Field Methods3
GEOL 3313Earth Materials I3
GEOL 3314Earth Materials II3
GEOL 3315Evolution of the Earth's Surface4
GEOL 4403
Principles of Geographic Information Systems
and Principles of GIS Laboratory
GEOL 4421
Structural Geology
and Structural Geology Laboratory
GEOL 4450Field Geology 36
GEOL 4452Sedimentation-Stratigraphy4
42 required geoscience credits plus upper division geoscience elective courses to equal at least 50 geoscience credits.

Emphasis in Engineering Geology

Complete the following courses in addition to the Bachelor of Science in Geology:

CE/GEOL 4454Basic Engineering Geology3
CE/GEOL 4455Geologic Data Methods3
CE/GEOL 4475Essentials of Geomechanics3
CE/GEOL 4476Engineering Geology Project1
CE 4480Earthquake Engineering3