Department of Biological Sciences Faculty


Thomas, Michael A.,*  Professor, Biological Sciences.  B.S. 1991, University of Nebraska; M.S. 1994, Kansas State University; Ph.D. 2000, Pennsylvania State University.  (2003)

Assistant Chair

Loxterman, Janet L.,* Associate Professor, Biological Sciences.  B.S. 1992, Lehigh University; M.S. 1995, Virginia Commonwealth University; Ph.D. 2001, Idaho State University.  (1996)


Anderson, Curtis W.,* Professor, Biological Sciences; Adjunct Faculty, Physical and Occupational Therapy.  B.S. 1989, Southwest Missouri State University; M.S. 1992, Ph.D. 1996, Northern Arizona University.  (1998)

Austin, Mark C.,* Professor, Biological Sciences.  B.S. 1981, Pennsylvania State University; Ph.D. 1988, Washington State University.  (2012)

Baxter, Colden,* Professor, Biological Sciences.  B.A. 1993, University of Oregon; M.S. 1997, University of Montana; Ph.D. 2002, Oregon State University.  (2004)

Bearden, Shawn E.,* Professor, Biological Sciences.  B.S. 1994, University of Virginia; M.S. 1996, George Mason University; Ph.D. 2000, Florida State University.  (2005)

Delehanty, David,* Professor, Biological Sciences.  B.S. 1985, University of Minnesota; M.S. 1991, University of North Dakota; Ph.D. 1997, University of Nevada, Reno.  (2000)

Finney, Bruce P.,* Professor, Biological Sciences.  B.S. 1979, University of Montana; Ph.D. 1987, Oregon State University.  (2008)

Groome, James R.,* Professor, Biological Sciences.  B.A. 1981, Wake Forest University; Ph.D. 1988, University of New Hampshire.  (2003)

Keeley, Ernest R.,* Professor, Biological Sciences.  B.S. 1990, M.S. 1993, Concordia University; Ph.D. 1998, University of ­British Columbia.  (1999)

Magnuson, Timothy S.,* Professor, Biological Sciences.  B.S. 1987, University of Minnesota; M.S. 1991, Ph.D. 1996, University of Idaho.  (2001)

Meldrum, D. Jeffrey,* Professor, Biological Sciences.  B.S. 1982, M.S. 1984, Brigham Young University; Ph.D. 1989, State University of New York at Stony Brook.  (1993)

Peterson, Charles R.,* Professor, Biological Sciences; Curator of Herpetology, Biological Sciences. B.S. 1972, M.S. 1974, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; Ph.D. 1982, Washington State University.  (1988)

Rose, W. Jack,* Professor, Biological Sciences.  B.S. 1975, M.S. 1979, Ohio State University; Ph.D. 1985, Oregon State University. (1987)

Sheridan, Peter P.,* Professor, Biological Sciences.  B.A. 1984, M.S. 1991, Rutgers University; Ph.D. 1996, University of Cincinnati.  (2001)

Winston, Vern D.,* Professor, Biological Sciences. B.S. 1970, Ph.D. 1976, ­University of Nebraska.  (1980)

Associate Professors

Aho, Ken A.,*  Associate Professor, Biological Sciences.  B.S. 1996, Idaho State University; M.S. 2007, Ph.D. 2006, Montana State University.  (2007)

Evilia, Caryn M.,* Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biological Sciences.  B.S. 1991, University of Massachusetts; Ph.D. 1998, University of Pennsylvania.  (2006)

Hill, Jeffrey Patten,* Associate Professor, Biological Sciences.  B.S. 1982, State University of New York; M.S. 1984, University of California, Davis; Ph.D. 1989, University of California, Riverside.  (1991)

Lohse, Kathleen,* Associate Professor, Biological Sciences.  B.S. 1993, B.A. 1993, Cornell University; Ph.D. 2002, University of California, Berkeley.  (2010)

Pilarski, Jason Q.,* Associate Professor, Biological Sciences and Dental Sciences. B.S. 1993, Indiana University; M.S. 2000, Indiana University; Ph.D. 2006, Northern Arizona University.  (2011)

Reinhardt, Keith,* Associate Professor, Biological Sciences.  B.S. 1994, College of William & Mary; M.S. 2001, University of Virginia; Ph.D. 2009, Wake Forest University.  (2012)

Assistant Professors

Hale, Rebecca L.,* Research Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences.  B.A. 2005, M.A. 2005, Hampshire College; Ph.D. 2013, Arizona State University.  (2015)

Ledbetter, Rhesa,* Visiting Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences. B.S. 2005, Idaho State University; M.S. 2007, Idaho State University; Ph.D. 2018, Utah State University. (2018)

Martin, Julia,* Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences. B.S. 2004, M.S. 2006, University of California, Northridge; Ph.D. 2013, University of Illinios at Urbana-Champaign. (2017)

Pradhan, Devaleena,* Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences. B.S. 2004, University of British Columbia; M.S. 2012, Georgia State University; Ph.D. 2014, Georgia State University. (2018)

Serve, Kinta,* Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences. B.S. 2005, Colorado Mesa University; M.S. 2010, Washington State University;  D.A. 2013, Idaho State University. (2018)

You, Yaqi,* Visiting Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences. B.S. 2005, Nanjing University of Technology, China; M.S. 2006, Johns Hopkins University; Ph.D. 2012, Johns Hopkins University (2018)

Senior Lecturers

Black, Catherine, Senior Lecturer, Biological Sciences.  B.A. 1991, University of Utah; M.S. 1996, Idaho State University.  (1998)

Frank, Barbara, Associate Lecturer/Advisor, Biological Sciences.  B.S. 1984, University of California, Davis; Ph.D. 1989, Washington State University.  (1999)

Associate Lecturer

Shurley, Jack, Associate Lecturer, Biological Sciences.  B.S. 2001, M.S. 2003, Ph.D. 2007, Idaho State University.  (2006)  

Assistant Lecturers

Abbruzzese, Jennifer, Assistant Lecturer, Biological Sciences.  B.A. 1996, M.S. 2000, Utah State University. (2012)

Curran, Shannon, Assistant Lecturer, Biological Sciences. B.S. 2015, University of California, Davis; M.S. 2017 University of Colorado, Denver. (2017)

Fultz, Jessica, Assistant Lecturer, Biological Sciences. B.S. 2001, Montana State University; M.S. 2005, Montana State University. (2008)

Rhett, Katrina, Assistant Lecturer, Biological Sciences. B.S. 2007, University of Minnesota; M.S. 2014, University of Minnesota. (2014)

Stewart, Ian, Assistant Lecturer, Biological Sciences. B.S. 2014, University of Colorado, Denver; M.S. 2018, University of Colorado, Denver. (2018)


Akersten, William A., Associate Professor, Biological Sciences and Geosciences; Curator, Vertebrate Paleontology, Idaho Museum of Natural History. 1985-2009

Anderson, Robert C., Professor, Zoology. 1969-2007

Bowmer, Richard G., Professor, Botany. 1961-1997

Bowyer, R. Terry, Professor, Biological Sciences. 2004-2015

Farrell, Larry D.,* Professor, Microbiology. 1972-2008

Griffith, John S., Professor, Biology. 1977-1999

Holte, Karl E., Professor, Botany; Curator, Museum. 1965-1997

House, Edwin W., Chief Research Officer; Professor, Physiology. 1966-2004

Inouye, Richard S., Professor, Ecology. 1987-2010

Linder, Allan, Professor, Biological Sciences. 1963-1988

McCune, Joan H., Professor, Microbiology. 1980-2001

McCune, Ronald W., Professor, Biochemistry. 1970-2004

Minshall, G. Wayne, Professor, Zoology and Ecology. 1966-2003

Rodnick, Kenneth J., Professor, Biological Sciences. 1993-2018

Rose, Fred L., Professor, Biological Sciences. 1969-2000

Scalarone, Gene M., ­Professor, Biological Sciences.  1980-2017

Seeley, Rodney R., Professor, Physiology. 1973-2008

Smith, Rosemary J., Professor, Biological Sciences. 1999-2018

Spall, Richard D., University Ombudsman; Professor, Pathology. 1981-2003

Spiegel, Kathleen, Clinical Professor, Clinical Laboratory Science. 1991-2007

Stephens, Trent D., Professor, Biology. 1981-2011

Streubel, Donald P., Professor, Biology. 1974-1999

Trost, Charles H., Professor, Biological Sciences; Curator, Museum. 1968-2000

Williams, Charles F. (Rick), Associate Professor, Biological Sciences. 1999-2018