MAP: BA in Elementary Education, Middle School Social Studies Endorsement


A Major Academic Plan (MAP) is one way to complete a degree in a set number of semesters. The example below is only one strategy. Actual plans for individual students will vary based on advisor recommendations and academic needs.  Official Program Requirements including Major, General Education, Electives, and university requirements are based on Catalog Year.

MAP Grid
Course Subject and TitleCreditsMin Grade*Program Element**When OfferedPrerequisiteCo Requisite
First Semester
GE Objective 1: ENGL 1101 Writing and Rhetoric I 3 C-GE Appropriate Placement Score 
GE Objective 4 3 C-GEF, S, Su  
GE Objective 4 3 C-GEF, S, Su  
GE Objective 6 POLS 1101 Intro to American Government 3 CGEF, S  
Free Electives 4 C-    
Semester Total16
Second Semester
GE Objective 1: ENGL 1102 Writing and Rhetoric II 3 C-GE ENGL 1101 or equivalent 
GE Objective 2: COMM 1101 Principles of Speech 3 C-GEF, S, Su  
GE Objective 5 3 C-GEF, S, Su  
Lower Division World Region Course 3 C D  
Free Electives 4 C- F, S, Su  
Semester Total16
Third Semester
GE Objective 3: MATH 2256 Str of Arith for Elem. School Teachers 3 CGEFAppropriate Placement Score 
GE Objective 5w/Lab: GEOL 1100 & GEOL 1100L Dynamic Earth/L 4  GEF, S, Su  
GE Objective 9: EDUC 2204 Families, Community, Culture 3 CGEF, S, Su  
EDUC 2201 Development and Individual Differences 3 C F, S, Su26 credits completed; 2.75 GPA; "C" or higher in ENGL 1101 or ENGL 1101P. 
Free Electives 3      
Semester Total16
Fourth Semester
MATH 2257 Structure of Geometry and Probability for Elementary School Teachers 3 C SMath 1143 
EDUC 3308 Foundations of Educational Knowledge, Planning, and Assessment 3 CUMF, SAdmission to Teacher Education, EDUC 2201, EDUC 2204 
EDUC 3321 Integrated Language Arts Methods 3 CUMF, SAdmission to Teacher Education EDUC 3308
U.S. History Course 3 CUMD  
Free Electives 3      
Semester Total15
Fifth Semester
GE Objective 7 or 8: FIN 1115 Personal Finance 3 C-GEF, S, Su  
EDUC 3330 Elementary Math Methods 3 CUMF, SAdmission to Teacher Education MATH 2256, MATH 2257 
EDUC 3331 Science Methods for Teachers 3 CUMF, SAdmission to Teacher Education 
POLS 3331 Comparative Politics Framework for Analysis 3 CUMF, S  
Methods Elective 3 C F, S  
Free Electives 2      
Semester Total17
Sixth Semester
GE Objective 6 ECON 2201 or ECON 2202 3 C-GEF, S, Su  
EDUC 3322 Literature for Children across the Curriculum 3 CUMF, SAdmission to Teacher Education 
EDUC 3336 Social Science Methods 3 CUMF, SAdmission to Teacher Education 
Methods Elective 2 CUMF, SAdmission to Teacher Education 
Free Electives 3      
GLBL 2270 World Regional Geography and Cultures 3 CUMF, S  
Semester Total17
Seventh Semester
EDUC 3302 Motivation and Management 3 CUMF, S, SuEDUC 2201, EDUC 2204, EDUC 3308EDUC 3311, EDUC 4408
EDUC 3311 Instructional Technology 3 CUMF, SIC3 Key Application Exam; EDUC 3308EDUC 4408
EDUC 4408 Pre-Internship Field Experience Seminar 3 CUMF, SEDUC 3308EDUC 3311
EDUC 4419 Developmental Literacy 3 CUMF, SEDUC 3321, Admission to Teacher Education 
SPED 3350 Creating Inclusive Classrooms 3 CUMF, SAdmission to Teacher EducationEDUC 4408 or MUSC 3338
Semester Total15
Eighth Semester
EDUC 4493 Student Teaching 12    F, SAdmission to Teacher Education Program and/or approved application. Graded S/U. 
Semester Total12