Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

Summary of Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education

  1. All Elementary Education majors will complete the General Education Requirements for a Bachelor's degree, completing all General Education Objectives, plus any additional elective Objective courses required to bring their total to a minimum of 36 credits.
  2. Completion of a major in Elementary Education includes:
    1. the Professional Education Core;
    2. the Elementary Education-required courses; and
    3. one Emphasis Area (Biology, Earth Sciences, English, English as a Second Language, History, Mathematics, or Special Education) chosen from the fields listed under Elementary Education Emphasis ­Areas.

The Professional Education Core

Some of these courses are required to be taken before entering the Teacher Education Program (please read course descriptions for prerequisites and corequisites).

EDUC 2201Development and Individual Differences3
EDUC 2204Families Community Culture3
EDUC 3302Motivation and Management3
EDUC 3308Foundations of Educational Knowledge, Planning, and Assessment3
EDUC 3311Instructional Technology3
SPED 3350Creating Inclusive Classrooms3
EDUC 4408Pre-Internship Field Experience Seminar3
EDUC 4494Elementary Education Student Teaching Internship (Except for Special Ed students)12
or (For Special Education students)
EDUC 4494Elementary Education Student Teaching Internship6
SPED 4495Special Education:Student Teaching Internship6

Elementary Education Required Courses

EDUC 3321Integrated Language Arts Methods3
EDUC 3322Literature for Children across the Curriculum3
EDUC 3330Elementary Math Methods3
EDUC 3331Science Methods for Teachers3
EDUC 3336Social Science Methods3
EDUC 4419Developmental Literacy3
MATH 2256Structure of Arithmetic for Elementary School Teachers3
MATH 2257Structure of Geometry and Probability for Elementary School Teachers3
Select two (2) of the following:2-5
Introduction to Elementary Art Methods and Materials
Health Education Methods Elementary
Music Methods for Elementary Teachers
Methods of Teaching Elementary Physical Education