Major Academic Plan for B.A./B.S. Elementary Education: Special Education Endorsement

A Major Academic Plan (MAP) illustrates one way to complete a degree in a recommended number of semesters. Below is an example of an efficient and recommended plan, but actual plans will vary by individual student needs. Program requirements are based on Catalog Year. 

MAP Grid
Course Subject and TitleCreditsMin Grade*Program Element**When OfferedPrerequisiteCo Requisite
First Semester
GE Objective 1: ENGL 1101 3 C-GE Appropriate placement score 
GE Objective 3: MATH 2256 3 CGEFMATH 1143 or placement score 
GE Objective 4: recommended CSD 1151/CSD 1151L 3  GE   
GE Objective 6: recommended EDUC 1110 3  GE   
GE Objective 7 or 8 3  GE   
Semester Total15
Second Semester
GE Objective 1: ENGL 1102 3 C-GE ENGL 1101 or equivalent 
GE Objective 2: COMM 1101 3  GE   
GE Objective 4 3  GE   
GE Objective 5: Science with Lab 4  GE   
MATH 2257 Structure of Geometry and Probability for Elementary School Teachers 3 C  SMATH 1143 or placement score 
Semester Total16
Third Semester
GE Objective 5 3  GE   
GE Objective 6 3  GE   
GE Objective 9: EDUC 2204 3 CGEF, S, Su  
EDUC 2201 Development and Individual Differences 3 C F, S, Su26 credits completed; 2.75 GPA; "C" or higher in ENGL 1101 or ENGL 1101P 
SPED 3340 Principles of Behavior Management 3 CUMF  
EDUC 2215 Using Technology in a Digital World 3 C F, S, Su  
HE 2211 Health Education Methods Elementary 1 C F, D  
Semester Total19
Fourth Semester
SPED 3330 The Exceptional Child 3 CUMS  
EDUC 2235 Introduction to Elementary Art Methods and Materials 1 C F, S, Su  
EDUC 3301 Inquiring Thinking Knowing 3 CUMF, S, SuAdmission to Program; EDUC 2201, EDUC 2204 
EDUC 3308 Foundations of Educational Knowledge, Planning, and Assessment 3 CUMF, SAdmission to Program 
EDUC 3321 Integrated Language Arts Methods 3 CUMF, SAdmission to Program/Instructor PermissionEDUC 3301, EDUC 3308
EDUC 3331 Science Methods for Teachers 3 CUMF, SAdmission to Program; Obj 5 completedEDUC 3301, EDUC 3308
Semester Total16
Fifth Semester
SPED 4424 Assessment Procedures in Special Education 3 CUMDAdmission to Program 
SPED 4429 Teaching Students with Significant and Multiple Disabilities 3 CUMDAdmission to Program 
SPED 4435 Practicum in Small Group Instruction 1 CUMDAdmission to ProgramSPED 4446
SPED 4443 Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder 3 CUMDAdmission to Program 
SPED 4446 Secondary Special Education 3 CUMDAdmission to ProgramSPED 4435
EDUC 3330 Elementary Math Methods 3 CUMF, SAdmission to Program; MATH 2256, MATH 2257, EDUC 3301, EDUC 3308 
MUSC 2233 Music Methods for Elementary Teachers 2 C F, S, Su  
Semester Total18
Sixth Semester
EDUC 3322 Literature for Children across the Curriculum 3 CUMF, SAdmission to Program 
EDUC 3336 Social Science Methods 3 CUMF, SEDUC 3301, EDUC 3308 
CSD 3335 Language Development and Disorders
or SPED 4434 Language and Communication Methods in Special Education
3 CUMDCSD 3330 or permission of instructor. 
PE 3357 Methods of Teaching Elementary Physical Education 3    F, S, SuAdmission to College of Education Teacher Education Program or permission of instructor. 
HIST 4423 Idaho History 3    F, S, Su  
Semester Total15
Seventh Semester
EDUC 3302 Motivation and Management 3 CUMF, SAdmission to ProgramEDUC 3311 and EDUC 4408.
EDUC 3311 Instructional Technology 3 CUMF, SAdmission to Program; EDUC 2215 or equivalent, EDUC 3308EDUC 4408.
EDUC 4408 Pre-Internship Field Experience Seminar 3 CUMF, SAdmission to Program; EDUC 3308EDUC 3311
EDUC 4419 Developmental Literacy 3 CUMF, S, SuAdmission to Program; EDUC 3321 
SPED 4423 Designing Instruction 3 CUMDAdmission to ProgramEDUC 3311, EDUC 4408
Semester Total15
Eighth Semester
EDUC 4495 Junior High or Middle School Student Teaching Internship 7 CUMF, SAll coursework and Praxis II exams 
SPED 4495 Special Education:Student Teaching Internship 7 CUMF, SAll coursework and Praxis II exams 
Semester Total14
MAP Credit SummaryCredits
General Education37
Electives to reach 120 credits0