Major Academic Plan for B.S. in Nursing, Accelerated Program

Spring Application for Summer Admission

A Major Academic Plan (MAP) illustrates one way to complete a degree in a recommended number of semesters. Below is an example of an efficient and recommended plan, but actual plans will vary by individual student needs. Program requirements are based on Catalog Year.

MAP Grid
Course Subject and TitleCreditsMin Grade*Program Element**When OfferedPrerequisiteCo Requisite
First Semester
BIOL 1101
1101L Biology I
and Biology I Lab
4 C  F, S, SuPre- or Co-Requisite: MATH 1108 or equivalent
PSYC 1101 Introduction to Psychology 3 C  F, S  
Nursing Diversity Course: GE Objective 9 course, or other course approved by the School of Nursing 3 C    
Semester Total10
Second Semester
BIOL 3301
3301L Advanced Human Anatomy and Physiology 1
and Advanced Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 Lab
4 C  F,SBIOL 1101 or equivalent
CHEM 1101 Introduction to Chemistry 3 C  F, SMATH 1108 or equivalent 
PHIL 2230 Medical Ethics 3 C  F, S, Su  
PSYC 2225 Child Development (or other approved Developmental or Lifespan Psychology course) 3 C  F, S  
Semester Total13
Third Semester
BIOL 2221
2221L Introductory Microbiology
and Introductory Microbiology Laboratory
4 C  BIOL 1101 & CHEM 1101 or equivalent
BIOL 3302
3302L Advanced Human Anatomy and Physiology 2
and Advanced Human Anatomy and Physiology 2 Lab
4 C  F,SBIOL 1101 or equivalent
LLIB 1115 Introduction to Information Research 3 C  F, S  
MATH 1153 Statistical Reasoning (or other approved course) 3 C  F, S, SuMATH 1108 or equivalent 
Semester Total14
Fourth Semester
APPLY to Accelerated Program ***
BIOL 3305 Introduction to Pathobiology 3 C  F, SBIOL 1101, 3301, and 3302 or equivalent 
CHEM 1102
CHEM 1103 Essentials of Organic and Biochemistry
and Essentials of Organic and Biochemistry Laboratory
4 C  F, SCHEM 1101 or CHEM 1111/L or equivalent
NTD 3340 Nutrition for Health Professionals 3 C  F, SBIOL 3301 or BIOL 3302 or HO 0111 or equivalent 
PPRA 3315 Pharmacology for Nursing 4 C S  
Semester Total14
Fifth Semester
NURS 3100 Professional Nursing 3 CUMSuAdmission into Nursing Program 
NURS 3110
3110L Fundamentals of Nursing
and Fundamentals of Nursing Lab
4 CUMSuAdmission into Nursing Program
NURS 3120 Health Assessment 3 CUMSuAdmission into Nursing Program
NURS 3150C Health Assessment/Fundamentals Clinical 2 CUMSuAdmission into Nursing ProgramNURS 3110 and NURS 3120
NURS 3330 Evidence-Based Nursing Practice 3 CUMSuAdmission into Nursing ProgramNURS 3120 and NURS 3120L
Semester Total15
Sixth Semester
NURS 3130
3130C Adult Health Nursing I
and Adult Health Nursing I Clinical
7 CUMFNURS 3110/L and NURS 3120/L
NURS 4140 Child Health Nursing 3 CUMFNURS 3120NURS 4150
NURS 4150
4150C Women and Childbearing Family Nursing
and Women and Childbearing Family Nursing Clinical
4 CUMF NURS 4140
NURS 4160
4160C Mental Health Nursing
and Mental Health Nursing Clinical
5 CUMFNURS 3110/L; Admission to Nursing Program
Semester Total19
Seventh Semester
NURS 4130 Adult Health Nursing II 4 CUMSNURS 3130NURS 4220
NURS 4200
4200C Population Health Nursing
and Population Health Nursing Clinical
5 CUMSAdmission to Nursing Program
NURS 4220 Leadership and Management in Nursing 3 CUMSNURS 3100 
NURS 4420 Professional Nursing Capstone 4 CUMSEnrolled in final semester of Nursing program & instructor approvalNURS 4130.
NURS 4440 Professional Nursing Synthesis 2 CUMSAdmission to Nursing Program & instructor approval 
Semester Total18

MAP Credit Summary 

Total Credits103