Department of Dental Sciences

Department of Dental Sciences

The Department of Dental Sciences administers the Idaho Dental Education Program (IDEP) for predoctoral dental students and the Idaho Advanced General Dentistry Residency (IAGD) as a postdoctoral program.

The Department of Dental Science cooperates with the Creighton University Boyne School of Dentistry and basic science ­departments at Idaho State University in offering the first year of dental education through the Dental Sciences Department. Students then spend their second, third, and fourth years at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska.

The Idaho Dental Education Program is designed to provide residents of Idaho with access to high quality dental education as if Idaho had its own dental school. The IDEP program is fully accredited as a Satellite Program of Creighton University School of Dentistry by the American Dental ­Association. The program involves a first year curriculum at Idaho State University in Pocatello, followed by completion of the second through fourth years at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska. Students completing the four year program receive the Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) degree and are eligible to take the licensure examinations necessary to ­become practicing dentists. Students may also elect to pursue advanced training through residencies or specialty programs, eventually becoming board ­certified in one of the recognized dental specialties.

There are eight positions available for Idaho residents. Applicants to the program must have completed the ­necessary prerequisites in English, ­Biology, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics and other requirements as outlined on the Department of Dental Sciences’ web site ( In addition to fulfilling the minimal prerequisites, most students accepted into the program will have a bachelor’s degree at the time of entry into IDEP. Occasionally, some exceptional students who have completed the junior level (upper division) of college course work are admitted into the program.

Students are encouraged to work closely with their pre-dental academic advisor in making course selections which fulfill ­dental school and degree completion ­requirements.

Formal application for admission to the IDEP program follows the guidelines outlined in the Department of Dental Sciences’ web site and the Creighton University School of Dentistry Bulletin. The application ­process involves: taking the Dental Aptitude Test (DAT), completion of the American Dental Education Association Application Service centralized application, the Creighton Supplemental Application, and the IDEP Residency Certification Form. Early application is strongly encouraged to allow adequate time for completion of admission requirements and consideration by the ­admissions committee. Students may apply the summer prior to anticipated entry into the program. The selection process is normally completed in December prior to the year of program entry.

Further information concerning the program, admission requirements, and Residency Certification forms can be obtained by contacting the program at the following address:

Department of Dental Sciences
921 S 8th Ave Stop 8088
Pocatello ID 83209-8088
Phone: (208) 282-3289

Idaho Dental Education Program

Required Basic Sciences Courses

BIOL 4400Oral Histology and Embryology3
BIOL 4400LOral History and Embryology Lab0
BIOL 4419Mammalian Histology4
BIOL 4419LMammalian Histology Lab0
BIOL 4432Biochemistry3
BIOL 4440Human Gross Anatomy4
BIOL 4440LHuman Gross Anatomy Lab0
BIOL 4450Head and Neck Anatomy3
BIOL 4450LHead and Neck Anatomy Lab0
BIOL 4460Neuroscience4
BIOL 4464Lectures in Human Physiology4

Required Dental Sciences Courses

IDEP 4413Dental Anatomy Lecture I1
IDEP 4414Dental Anatomy Laboratory3
IDEP 4415Dental Materials Science I2
IDEP 4417Interpersonal Relationships and Communication1
IDEP 4423Preventative Dentistry2
IDEP 4425History of Dentistry1
IDEP 4426Community Dentistry Field Experience1
IDEP 4433Oral Hygiene Technique1
IDEP 4434Dental Materials Science II3
IDEP 4435Occlusion Laboratory1
IDEP 4444Values and Ethics1
IDEP 4454Occlusion Lecture1
IDEP 4463Dental Radiology I1
IDEP 4464Dental Radiology Technique1
IDEP 4465Dental Radiology II1
NTD 4495Dental Nutrition1

Optional Dental Sciences Courses

IDEP 6617 - Education Program *2

See Graduate Catalog for course information.

How to Read Course Descriptions


IDEP 4413 Dental Anatomy Lecture I: 1 semester hour.

Nomenclature, chronology and methods of designation of human teeth. Form, size and contour of the teeth, including external and internal anatomy of the permanent and deciduous dentitions, intertooth relations and occlusion. F

IDEP 4414 Dental Anatomy Laboratory: 3 semester hours.

Carving of plaster teeth larger than average measurements and carving of wax teeth to natural size. Mounting of study casts on a functional articulator and waxing of teeth in occlusion. F

IDEP 4415 Dental Materials Science I: 2 semester hours.

Composition, properties and application of the materials used in dentistry. Basic information on the design of preparatory work necessary for the mouth incident to the reception of these materials. F

IDEP 4417 Interpersonal Relationships and Communication: 1 semester hour.

To assist their orientation and adjustment to professional education, freshmen will participate in group introductions followed by a discussion on interpersonal relationships and communication in general, relationships with classmates, administrators, faculty, and staff; dealing with stress; and establishing study habits. Graded S/U. F

IDEP 4423 Preventative Dentistry: 2 semester hours.

Introducing the philosophy and need for preventive dentistry by developing the student's knowledge of and skills for effective oral hygiene. Concepts of self motivation, knowledge of dental diseases and abnormalities; application of the principles of fluoridation, nutrition, patient motivation, and home care. F

IDEP 4425 History of Dentistry: 1 semester hour.

To acquaint the study with the history of dentistry from ancient times to present, emphasis is placed upon contributions by individuals and groups of individuals leading to the current status of dentistry in the United States. Graded S/U. F

IDEP 4426 Community Dentistry Field Experience: 1 semester hour.

Designed to acquaint students with area health problems and with area health services and agencies. Field experience is gained during dental health and/or career presentations in public schools. To provide a variety of experiences, visits are made, for example, to the chronically ill, aged, or handicapped; to water purification facilities; to Indian groups. S

IDEP 4433 Oral Hygiene Technique: 1 semester hour.

Introduction to the instruments and their usage in performing a complete scaling prophylaxis of the teeth. Periodontal charting and instrument sharpening techniques are also performed. Didactic, laboratory, and clinical introduction. S

IDEP 4434 Dental Materials Science II: 3 semester hours.

Continuation of IDEP 4415. PREREQ: IDEP 4415. S

IDEP 4435 Occlusion Laboratory: 1 semester hour.

Various exercises simulating clinical diagnostic and treatment procedures are employed to exemplify principles of maxillomandibular relationships. S

IDEP 4444 Values and Ethics: 1 semester hour.

Designed to identify and understand one's own ethical decision-making processes and the relationship of religion with values and ethics. Students will discuss the areas of value of care for people as individuals, challenges of personal and professional opportunities, code of ethics of the A.D.A. and dental care delivery systems. Graded S/U. F

IDEP 4454 Occlusion Lecture: 1 semester hour.

Basic principles of maxillomandibular relationships, static and functional, as related to the occlusal surfaces of the teeth. S

IDEP 4463 Dental Radiology I: 1 semester hour.

History, theory and application of ionizing radiation resulting in radiography of the oral structures; including exposure and developing parameters along with basic interpretation. S

IDEP 4464 Dental Radiology Technique: 1 semester hour.

Practical experience in exposing and developing dental radiographs. The course will include techniques required to complete a diagnostic full mouth series, bitewing films and panoramic radiographs. COREQ: IDEP 4463. S

IDEP 4465 Dental Radiology II: 1 semester hour.

History, theory, and application of radiographic methods in dentistry including cephalometric, panoramic, and digital modalities. COREQ: IDEP 4463 and IDEP 4464. S


Chair, IAGD Program Director, and Associate Professor


IDEP Director and Adjunct Instructor


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