B.S. Health Science with a concentration in Health Occupations

Program Admissions Requirements

Students must be a graduate of or be enrolled in a health occupations program that awards an associates degree. (Out-of-state associate degrees must be evaluated for meeting the Idaho State Board of Education standards. If the associate degree is over five years old, the degree must be evaluated for currency in the technical field.

General Education

The listing below includes program requirements that also fulfill General Education requirements.

Objective 16
Objective 23
Objective 3 - MATH 11533
Objective 4 6
Objective 5 - Biology and Chemistry requirements in core and concentration fulfill this objective.7
Objective 66
Students must fulfill Objective 7 or Objective 83
Objective 7
Objective 8
Objective 93
Total Credits37

Core Requirements

Choose one of the following:4
Human Anatomy and Physiology 1
and Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 Lab (Partially fulfills Objective 5)
Advanced Human Anatomy and Physiology 1
and Advanced Human Anatomy and Physiology 1 Lab
(BIOL 3301 has a prerequisite of BIOL 1101 or BIOL 2227, either of which will partially fulfill Objective 5.)
DHS 4426Evidence Based Research in Health Sciences3
HE 2200Promoting Wellness3
Choose one of the following:2-3
Medical Terminology and Communication
Medical Terminology
Professional Competencies - Choose one of the following:3
Healthcare Leadership
Health Law and Bioethics
Medical Law and Ethics
Medical Ethics
Healthcare Competencies3
Economics of Health Care
US Health System
Healthcare Policy
Communication Competencies3
Clinical Medical Anthropology
Groups and Communication
Conflict Management
Interpersonal Skills in Health Professions
Professional and Technical Writing
Health Behavior Change Theory and Application
Patient Education Skills
Diversity Competencies2-3
Anthropology of Global Health
Clinical Medical Anthropology
Interpersonal Skills in Health Professions
Health Law and Bioethics
Patient Education Skills
Students must have an overall 2.0 Grade Point Average (GPA) in BS Health Science Core courses with no grades below a C-.
Total Credits23-25

Concentration Requirements

BIOL 3302Advanced Human Anatomy and Physiology 23
MATH 1153Statistical Reasoning3
Choose one of the following sequences:7-9
Introduction to Chemistry
and Essentials of Organic and Biochemistry
and Essentials of Organic and Biochemistry Laboratory
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry I Lab
and General Chemistry II
and General Chemistry II Lab
Choose one of the following:4-8
Essentials of Physics
General Physics I
and General Physics I Laboratory
and General Physics II
and General Physics II Laboratory
Choose one of the following:
Introduction to Pathobiology
Introduction to Pulmonary Disease
Choose one of the following:2-3
Nutrition for Health Professionals
Movement Theory and Motor Development
Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
Abnormal Psychology
Social Psychology
Sociology of Health and Illness
Students must complete all Health Occupation Concentration courses with a grade of "C" or higher.
Total Credits19-26

Degree Totals

Program Admission Requirements0
General Education37
Core Requirements (w/o General Education)19-21
Concentration Requirements (w/o General Education)15-18
Upper Division Free Electives31
Free Electives18-13
Total Credits120

ISU Degree Requirements

ISU General Education