Certificate in Paramedic Science

Paramedic Science Academic Certificate

Certificate Requirements

Pre-Professional Requirements:
Must be completed before acceptance into the Paramedic Science program. Please contact the program advisor or department chair http://www.isu.edu/esd/paramedic/ before applying for admission to this program and prior to registering for any courses.

Pre-Professional Training (Offered through Workforce Training)
Emergency Medical Technician Basic
CPR - Basic Life Support or CPR for Healthcare Providers
Pre-Professional Prerequisites (6 credits):
HO 0111Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology4
HCA/HE 2210Medical Terminology and Communication2
or HO 0106 Medical Terminology
Core Requirements (43 credits):
PARM 2211Basic ECG Interpretation3
PARM 2212Paramedic Pharmacology3
PARM 2213Paramedic Fundamentals2
PARM 2213LParamedic Fundamentals Lab1
PARM 2214Paramedic Pathophysiology3
PARM 2215Introduction to Paramedic Medicine3
PARM 2217LParamedic Integration I Lab1
PARM 2221Medical Emergencies3
PARM 2221LMedical Emergencies Lab1
PARM 2222Trauma Care2
PARM 2223Advanced Emergency Care2
PARM 2224Special Populations3
PARM 2224LSpecial Populations Lab1
PARM 2225Advanced ECG Interpretation2
PARM 2229Paramedic Clinical Practicum I1
PARM 2231Rescue Operations2
PARM 2237LParamedic Integration II Lab1
PARM 2239Paramedic Clinical Practicum II3
PARM 2249Paramedic Field Practicum II6
Total Credits49