B.S. Emergency Management

(120 credits)

This total includes the Associate Degree requirements.

Emergency Management Core Courses for the Bachelor of Science (33-39 cr)

EMGT 3301Incident Command System Advanced3
EMGT 3302Hazards Mitigation3
EMGT 3303Disaster Response and Recovery Advanced3
EMGT 3304Integrated Systems in Emergency Management3
EMGT 3305Political and Policy Basis of Emergency Management3
EMGT 3307Social Dimensions of Disaster3
EMGT 3308Leading in Organizations3
EMGT 3309Crisis Management and Leadership3
EMGT 4401Research and Analysis Methods in Emergency Management3
EMGT 4402Critical Infrastructure Public Private Issues3
EMGT 4404Emergency Management Capstone3

Additional Requirement (for those without practitioner experience)

EMGT 4403Internship3-6

Required Emergency Management Electives - 6 credits from the following list

EMGT 3306/FSA 3336Hazardous Materials Management3
EMGT 3320Public Administration and Emergency Management3
EMGT 3321Sociology of Disaster3
EMGT 3322AgroTerrorism3
EMGT 3323Business and Industry Crisis Management3
EMGT 3324Geologic Hazards and Emergency Management3
EMGT 3325Flood Plain Management3
EMGT 3326International Disasters3
EMGT 3327Social Vulnerability Approach to Emergency Management3
EMGT 3328Nonprofit Sector and Disasters3
EMGT 3329Technology in Emergency Management3
EMGT 3330Incident Command Teams Position Specific2
EMGT 4420Legal Issues in Emergency Management3
EMGT 4421Public Health Preparedness3
EMGT 4422Terrorism in Emergency Management3
EMGT 4430Incident Management Teams All Hazards3
ENGL 3307Professional and Technical Writing3
GEOL 4403Principles of Geographic Information Systems3
HCA 3350Organizational Behavior in Healthcare3
MGT 3312Individual and Organizational Behavior3
POLS 4434Terrorism and Political Violence3
POLS 4452Budgeting and Finance3
POLS 4455Environmental Politics and Policy3
POLS 4458Public Administration Ethics3

Students will also need to take other electives to meet all ISU degree requirements.  (Please see Degree Requirements.)