Informatics Faculty

Chair and Professor

Parker, Kevin R.,* Department Chair and Professor, Informatics. B.A. 1982, University of Texas at Austin; M.S. 1991, Ph.D. 1995, Texas Tech University.  (1999)


Ottaway, Thomas A.,* Professor, Informatics. B.S. 1990, Wichita State University; M.S. 1993, Ph.D. 1995, Texas Tech University. (2001)

Schou, Corey D.,* Associate Dean for Information Assurance and Professor, College of Business; Director, Informatics Research Institute. B.S. 1968, Rollins College; M.S. 1970, Ph.D. 1972, Florida State University. (1985)

Assistant Professors

Houghton, Robert, Associate Dean, College of Business; Assistant Professor, Informatics. B.M. 2006, M.S. 2008, Ph.D. 2013, Utah State University.  (2014)

Clinical Assistant Professors

Holmes, Jonathan, Clinical Assistant Professor, Informatics. B.B.A. 2008, M.B.A. 2011, Idaho State University.  (2015)

McGregor, Michael, Clinical Assistant Professor, Systems Administrator, Informatics and Computer Science. B.S. 2016, Idaho State University; M.S. 2018, University of Idaho. (2018)