Post-Baccalaureate Academic Certificate in Informatics

An academic certificate in Informatics is offered for those students who have a bachelor's degree in a field other than Business or Health Informatics and want to improve their knowledge of information systems. To earn a certificate in Informatics, a student must complete 33 total credit hours from the following list. At least twelve of those credits must be taken after the student has completed a bachelor's degree. Students must choose a Business Informatics emphasis or a Health Informatics emphasis.

INFO 1150Software and Systems Architecture3
INFO/CS 1181Informatics and Programming I3
INFO 1182Informatics and Programming II3
INFO 3301Introduction to Informatics and Analytics3
INFO 3307Systems Analysis and Design3
INFO 3380Networking and Virtualization3
INFO 4407Database Design and Implementation3
Select one of the following emphases:12
Business Informatics Emphasis
Web Development:Client-Side Programming
Systems Development and Implementation Methodologies
Students must take six (6) hours of Business courses in any of the following areas:
Health Informatics Emphasis
Health Informatics
Health Information Governance
Students must take two (2) courses from the following list:
Healthcare Workflow Process Analysis and Redesign
US Health System
Healthcare Operations and Quality
Healthcare Information Systems Practicum
Total Credits33

Students must complete at least three (3) credits as upper division coursework (3000 or 4000-level) within their selected emphasis.

Students must meet with an advisor and complete a Program of Study Agreement prior to the second semester of coursework.