Bachelor of Arts Dance:Choreography and Performance

Required Basic Dance Technique Courses

Dance majors are expected to enroll in a dance technique class every semester. Auditions for placement into the appropriate level take place at the beginning of each semester.

Ballet (must include DANC 2200)4
Jazz Dance (must include DANC 2220)4
Modern Dance (must include DANC 3330)6
Electives (must be selected from):3
Contact Improvisation
Ballet III
Jazz Dance III
Workshop Cultural Forms
OR any DAAC course
Other Required Courses
DANC 1104World Dance Local Identity3
DANC 1107Theatre and Dance Showcase (7 semesters)0
DANC 1110Elements of Movement2
DANC 1191Dance Production1
or DANC 3391 Dance Production
DANC 2205Dance in the Modern Era (Partially satisfies General Education Objective 4)3
DANC 2210Dance Composition I3
DANC 3301Performance and Society3
DANC 3311Theatre Movement Workshop2
DANC 3380Dance Management and Production2
DANC 4401Aesthetic Issues in Dance3
DANC 4410Dance Composition II3
DANC 3360Methods of Dance for Children3
or DANC 4460 Dance Teaching Methods and Curriculum Design
PE 2243Anatomical Foundations of Human Activity3
PE 3370Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries3
THEA 1111Stagecraft3
Select ONE of the following courses:
THEA 2214Makeup2
THEA 2221Stage Costume Construction3
THEA 3304Stage Management2
THEA 3312Stage Lighting Design3
Select ONE of the following courses:
MUSI 1100Introduction to Music (Partially satisfies General Education Objective 4)3
MUSC 1102Elements of Music2
MUSI 1106American Music (Partially satisfies General Education Objective 4)3