Child and Family Studies (CFS)

Child and Family Studies (CFS)

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CFS 1100 Child and Family Studies Professions: 1 semester hour.

An introduction to professional careers in related fields. Candidate and career expectations, career options, leadership, balancing work and family, publications, and research directed toward the development of emancipated professionals. D

CFS 1109 Introduction to Early Childhood Professions: 2 semester hours.

Foundations and professional careers in early childhood education and early childhood special education. S

CFS 1120 Personal Economics: 3 semester hours.

A study of economic decisions facing people in their daily lives as individuals and families. Topics include budgeting, consumer credit, buying or renting a home, medical care, life insurance, retirement planning, investing, and tax management. D

CFS 2202 Field Experience Internship: 1-32 semester hours.

Working field internship; innovative approaches in preparation of CDA trainees. Experiences in a curriculum center, library, local settings, resource and day care centers, head start programs, nursery schools (public and private), and child development centers. Experience with educational and creative supplies and materials. PREREQ: Approved enrollment in Child Development Associate Program. D

CFS 2207 Infants and Toddlers in Early Childhood Education: 3 semester hours.

Study of developmentally appropriate care and education of infants and toddlers. Field experience required. PREREQ: CFS 2203 or permission of instructor.

CFS 2209 Early Childhood Environments: 3 semester hours.

Study of home and school environments as foundations for fostering young children's learning. Emphasis on materials, space, schedule, and verbal interactions. Field experience required. PRE-or-COREQ: EDUC 2201. OS

CFS 2229 Textile Products: 3 semester hours.

Study of the interactive relationship among fibers, fabrics, and the construction of textile products. Information applied within the context of home and family use. PREREQ: Permission of instructor. ES

CFS 3314 Interior Design and Housing: 3 semester hours.

Study of individual housing needs and alternatives including practical applications and decision making. Emphasis on social-psychological aspects of housing. Topics include dwelling design, construction, financing, remodeling, and interior furnishings. EF

CFS 3322 Building Positive Relationships: 3 semester hours.

Exploration of the role of decision-making and interpersonal understanding as forces in creating self-formed individuals. Emphasis placed upon building and maintaining positive interpersonal relationships. PREREQ: SOC 1101 and PSYC 1101. D

CFS 3332 Programs in Family and Consumer Sciences: 3 semester hours.

Organization of professional-technical programs as influenced by legislation, State guidelines, association standards, and philosophical frameworks. Lecture and laboratory. OS

CFS 3373 Curriculum and Assessment in Early Childhood Education: 4 semester hours.

Study of assessment and inquiry based curriculum practices which support development and integrate learning in content areas, including literacy, math, science, art, music, drama, and movement. Field experience required. PREREQ: CFS 2209 and admission to Teacher Education Program or permission of instructor. COREQ: CFS 4435. F

CFS 3374 Constructing Social Understanding in Early Childhood Education: 4 semester hours.

Study of psychosocial and linguistic strategies to support learning, problem solving and other positive relationships in families and classrooms. Emergent social studies connections defined. PREREQ: CFS 3373 or permission of instructor. S

CFS 3375 Integrating Practices in Early Childhood Education: 3 semester hours.

Planning, delivery and assessment of learning in early childhood settings. Emphasis on reflective practice and professional collaboration as basis for decision-making. Field experience required. COREQ: CFS 3374 or permission of instructor. S

CFS 4400 Foundations of Early Childhood Special Education: 3 semester hours.

Survey of the history, philosophy, relevant legislation, and interdisciplinary aspects of the field. Major focus on typical and atypical development from birth through five years, integrating all areas of development. F

CFS 4401 Foundations of Early Childhood Education: 3 semester hours.

Examination of social, historical, and philosophical foundations of early childhood education and their respective influences on currently accepted concepts and practices in programs serving young children from birth through age eight. AF

CFS 4411 Concepts and Practices in Blended Early Childhood Programs I: 3 semester hours.

Synthesis of assessment and curriculum practices which support development and learning for all young children. Field experiences required. PREREQ: CFS 3373 or permission of instructor. F

CFS 4412 Concepts and Practices in Blended Early Childhood Programs II: 3 semester hours.

Candidate projects and integration of current policies, issues, and practices affecting young children and families. Introduction to program administration, supervision, and evaluation. Field experiences required. PREREQ: CFS 4411 or permission of instructor. S

CFS 4429 Social and Psychological Aspects of Clothing: 3 semester hours.

Study of clothing as a tool of self-expression and social interaction. Various personal and societal contexts emphasized. OF

CFS 4431 Family Resource Management: 3 semester hours.

Management theory for resource utilization and goal achievement. Issues include stress, communication, and family types. Emphasis on decision-making related to the dynamics of balancing work and family. PREREQ: CFS 4470 or permission of instructor. ES

CFS 4435 Relationships within Families: 3 semester hours.

Building and maintaining positive relationships within families. Critical issues facing individuals and families including communication, cultural diversity, balancing multiple roles, time management and financial planning. EF

CFS 4440 Partnerships with Families of Young Children: 3 semester hours.

Examination of early intervention policies and practices. Emphasis on development and implementation of individual family service plans and service delivery in natural settings. Field experience required. PREREQ: CFS 3373 or permission of instructor. S

CFS 4470 Consumer Economics: 3 semester hours.

Financial management content with a focus on developing effective decision-making processes for managing resources. Topics: The changing American family; consumer protection and recourse; purchasing decisions; consumer credit; fundamentals of savings/investment; and insurance. OF

CFS 4471 Advanced Consumers Economics: 3 semester hours.

Advanced study of social and economic problems affecting individuals and families. Topics: financial security; credit and loans; tax planning; major consumer purchases; risk management; investments; retirement and estate planning. PREREQ: CFS 4470 or permission of instructor. S

CFS 4472 Teaching Consumer Economics: 1-3 semester hours.

Designed to provide educators with current content and resources for developing consumer and economic education curriculum. Teaching techniques discussed and practiced. PREREQ: CFS 4471 or permission of instructor. D

CFS 4481 Special Problems in Child and Family Studies: 1-3 semester hours.

Candidates select problem on the basis of needs, interests, or abilities. Independent work in the laboratory, library, or community. Regular advisor conferences required. PREREQ: Permission of instructor. F, S, Su

CFS 4490 Field Experience in Child and Family Studies: 1-3 semester hours.

Candidates participate in a variety of settings including schools, agencies, businesses, and child care settings. PREREQ: Permission of instructor. F, S

CFS 4493 Early Childhood Education: Student Teaching Internship: 7-14 semester hours.

Candidates assume instructional and management responsibilities in supervised early childhood/primary setting. May be repeated. PREREQ: Admission to Teacher Education Program and/or approved application. Graded S/U. F, S

CFS 4494 Partnerships with Professionals: 3,6 semester hours.

Professional cooperative experience with business agency. Seminar plus 126 hours experience, 3 credits; 252 hours, 6 credits. PREREQ: 9 credits in emphasis area, 2.5 GPA, OLP 4457, and permission of instructor. D

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