Cooperative Education Programs

Cooperative Education Programs

In addition to regular programs, Idaho State University students may be eligible to participate in any one of a number of special cooperative programs, both in-state and out-of-state. For specific information on requirements for pre-health professions programs, see the section on pre-health professional programs under the Kasiska Division of Health Sciences.

Dental Education

Idaho Dental Education Program (IDEP):  Depending on legislative appropriations, a certain number of Idaho residents are eligible to participate in the Idaho Dental Education Program.  The program, a cooperative effort of Creighton University School of Dentistry and Idaho State University, provides Idaho residents with the opportunity to attend their first year of dental school at Idaho State University.  Students will spend their second, third, and fourth years in Omaha. For further information, contact:

Idaho Dental Education Program
921 S 8th Ave Stop 8088
Pocatello, ID  83209-8088
(208) 282-3289  

Or visit the IDEP website at:

Medical Education

Certification of Idaho Residency

The cooperative medical education programs described below (WWAMI and University of Utah) require a Certification of Residency (that is, documentation that the person is a legal resident of Idaho). This certification is obtained at the following addresses for each of these programs:

WWAMI (University of Washington):

Director of Admissions
University of Idaho
Moscow, ID 83843

University of Utah Contact:

Office of the Registrar
921 S 8th Ave. Stop  8196
Pocatello, ID 83209-8196

WWAMI (Washington/Wyoming/Alaska/Montana/Idaho) Regional Medical Education Program

This program is designed to enhance the training capability of the University of Washington School of Medicine by using facilities of Washington State University, University of Wyoming, University of Alaska, Montana State University and the University of Idaho. Currently 20 Idaho residents are accepted into the WWAMI program each year. For further information, contact:

Coordinator, WWAMI Medical Program University of Idaho
Moscow ID 83843


Pre-Health Professions Advisor
921 S 8th Ave Stop 8007
Pocatello ID  83209-8007

University of Utah School of Medicine

Each year eight Idaho residents are admitted to this medical education program through a cooperative agreement between Idaho and Utah. Idaho also provides a support fee to the University of Utah for each Idahoan admitted to the program under this agreement. For further information, contact:

Pre-Health Professions Advisor
921 S 8th Ave Stop 8007
Pocatello ID  83209-8007

Oak Ridge Associated Universities

Since 1993, students and faculty of Idaho State University have benefitted from Idaho State University’s membership in Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU). ORAU is a consortium of colleges and universities and a contractor for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. ORAU works with its member institutions to help their students and faculty gain access to federal research facilities throughout the country; to keep its members informed about opportunities for fellowship, scholarship, and research appointments; and to organize research alliances among its members.

Through the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE), the DOE facility ­operated by ORAU, undergraduates, graduates, postgraduates and faculty may access a multitude of opportunities for study and research. Students may participate in programs covering a wide variety of disciplines including business, earth sciences, epidemiology, engineering, physics, geological sciences, pharmacology, ocean sciences, biomedical sciences, nuclear chemistry, and mathematics. Appointment and program length range from one month to four years. Many of these programs are especially designed to increase the numbers of under­represented minority students pursuing degrees in science- and engineering-related disciplines. A comprehensive listing of these programs and other opportunities, their disciplines, and details on locations and benefits can be found on the ORISE website (, or by calling either of the contact persons ­below.

ORAU’s Office of Partnership Development seeks opportunities for partnerships and alliances among ORAU’s members, private industry, and major ­federal facilities. Activities include faculty development programs, such as the Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Awards, the Visiting Industrial Scholars Program, consortium research funding initiatives, faculty research and support programs as well as services to chief research officers.

For more information about ORAU and its programs, visit the ORAU website at

Veterinary Medicine

Washington State University Regional Program in Veterinary Medicine

A cooperative effort between Washington  and Idaho, this program is centered at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Washington State University. Depending on legislative appropriations, a certain number of Idaho residents (usually 11) are admitted to the program each year; Idaho provides a support fee to the program for each Idaho student admitted. Certification of Idaho residency is obtained at the following address:

Residency Officer
University of Idaho
Moscow, ID 83844-4260

For further information, contact:

College of Veterinary Medicine
Office of Student Services
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99164


Pre-Health Professions Advisor
921 S 8th Ave Stop 8007
Pocatello, ID 83209-8007

Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) Programs

Professional Student Exchange Program

The Professional Student Exchange Program (PSEP) of the Western Interstate ­Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) enables students in the 13 western states (including North Dakota) to enroll in professional programs in other states when those programs are not available in their home states. Students ­accepted in the program pay resident ­tuition at public schools (or one-third the standard tuition at private schools) and their home states pay a support fee to the admitting school to help cover educational costs. The exchange area supported by Idaho includes optometry.

To be certified as eligible for this program, the student must write to the WICHE ­Certifying Officer in his/her state of legal residence for the program application form.

For further information, contact the Certifying Officer for Idaho, WICHE Student ­Exchange Program:

Office of the State Board of Education
Room 307, Len B. Jordan Building
650 West State Street, Room 307
Boise, ID 83720
Phone (208) 334-2270
Fax (208) 334-2632

Western Regional Graduate Program

The Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP) of WICHE provides Idaho residents an opportunity to enroll at resident tuition rates in selected graduate programs in 13 states which are not available in Idaho. Doctor of Arts programs in biology, ­English, mathematics and political science are available at Idaho State University to graduate students from ­participating WICHE states. An interdisciplinary Master of Science program in Hazardous Waste Management is also available, as is a Master of Science in Deaf Education. Students pay tuition at the resident rate of the receiving institution, rather than the normal nonresident rate. For further information, ­contact:

Graduate School
921 S 8th Avenue Stop 8075
Pocatello, ID 83209
Phone (208) 282-2150

Western Undergraduate Exchange

The Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) is a WICHE program that allows undergraduate students residing in 12 ­participating states the opportunity to ­enroll in specified programs at Idaho State ­University at a reduced cost. Interested ­students must apply for admission by the scholarship deadline date of February 15 in order to be eligible for WUE. Because participation is limited, final selections are made based on GPA, test scores and other criteria.

Idaho State University fees for Approved WUE Students are equal to 150% of the Idaho State University full-time resident fee rate. Fees for College of Technology sessions (early or late eight-week sessions within a semester) are half that amount.

Time accrued while receiving WUE reduced fees will NOT contribute ­towards the length of time required for establishing Idaho residency status.

WUE recipients will receive notification from:

Scholarship Office
Room 327, Museum Building
(208) 282-3315

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