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The College of Education conceptual framework guides the curriculum, instruction, and assessment for all initial and advanced professional education programs in the College of Education. This framework comprises a standards-driven, learner-centered, assessment-informed, collaborative approach through which teachers, administrators and other school personnel develop the knowledge, dispositions, and skills deemed essential for effective professionals.


...solve scientific problems; To educate students to be...appropriate graduate seminar ( PSCI 6601 ) each semester in...


...prepared to continue their education in pursuit of...credits of seminar, CHEM 6601 . Each program of...

EDUCĀ 6601 Research and Writing: 3 semester hours.

Examination of methods for designing/conducting research in education and related fields and of procedures for formal report writing using APA style and format.

MUSCĀ 6601 Foundations in Music Education: 3 semester hours.

Historical, philosophical, and psychological foundations of music education, with their application to current instruction and evaluation.

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