Dental Hygiene

Director and Professor: Gurenlian

Emerti Professors: Bowen, Herzog, Paarmann, Hodges

Professor:  Rogo

Associate Professors: Calley, Freudenthal, Johnson, Garland

Master of Science in Dental Hygiene

The Master of Science degree in Dental Hygiene is an advanced degree; therefore, the program is designed for students who are licensed dental hygienists with baccalaureate degrees. Graduates will be prepared for various career opportunities within the health care arena.


Program goals of this graduate level dental hygiene program are to prepare professional dental hygienists to:

  1. Assume leadership roles in academics, rural and community health settings, research, professional associations or commercial industry;
  2. Develop advanced clinical abilities that improve oral health and access to dental hygiene care;
  3. Acquire research abilities that contribute to the scientific dental hygiene body of knowledge;
  4. Assume responsibility for professional development through life-long learning capability; and
  5. Provide a foundation for future doctoral education.