Placement into English and Mathematics Courses

Placement into English and Mathematics Courses


  1. Students with an ACT English score below 18, a Compass score below 68, or an SAT score of 440 or lower register for ENGL 0090.
  2. Students with an ACT English score of 18-24, a Compass score of 68-94, or an SAT score of 450-560 and students who have passed ENGL 0090 register for ENGL 1101.
  3. Students with an ACT English score of 25-30 or an SAT score of 570-690 receive 3 ENGL 1101-equivalent credits and register for ENGL 1102.
  4. Students with a Compass score of 95-99 register for ENGL 1102; credit for ENGL 1101 will be assigned with a grade of “Satisfactory’ upon passing ENGL 1102, unless they already have a transcripted grade for ENGL 1101. The Compass Test cannot be used to replace an earned grade in a course for purposes of GPA calculation.

For questions regarding ACT scores over 30 or SAT scores of 700 or higher, contact the Department of English and Philosophy: (208) 282-2478.

Advanced Placement Options

  1. Transfer students who have taken a three-credit freshman-level course in expository or argumentative writing which is equivalent to Idaho State University’s ENGL 1101 course may proceed to ENGL 1102.
  2. Students who have achieved scores of 3 or 4 on the Composition and Literature or the Language and Literature Advanced Placement Examination administered by Educational Testing Service receive a grade of “Satisfactory” and three ENGL 1101-equivalent credits. Students who receive a 5 on the same test(s) will receive two grades of “Satisfactory” and three ENGL 1101-equivalent credits and three ENGL 1102-equivalent credits.

Because Objective 1 courses advance acquisition of writing skills important for ­academic success, students are encouraged to complete them in a timely fashion. Accordingly, ENGL 1101 should normally be completed during the freshman year, ENGL 1102 by the conclusion of the sophomore year.


All mathematics courses except MATH 0015 have prerequisites. Students place into a course either by completing the prerequisite courses with a grade of C- or better (S in MATH 0015 and 0025) or by achieving appropriate scores on the ACT exam, SAT exam, or Compass mathematics placement exam. For placement purposes, prerequisite coursework or placement examinations must have been taken within the last seven years.

The following diagram shows the chain of prerequisites for basic mathematics courses.

Figure 1. Objective 3 Prerequisite Tree


Courses that fulfill Objective 3 are underlined. The dotted lines indicate that MATH 1147 also fulfills the prerequisite for any course that has MATH 1143 as a prerequisite. Students should plan their mathematics coursework according to their intended majors. Some majors, for instance, require MATH 1153, and others require MATH 1160. Students who will take calculus must be especially careful to determine whether MATH 1160, Applied Calculus, or MATH 1170, Calculus I, is appropriate. Taking one after the other counts as a repeat and provides no further credit toward graduation. Students place into courses higher than MATH 0015 by achieving any one of the following scores on their ACT, SAT, or Compass placement examinations (Objective 3 courses are bolded):

00151 --- --- ---
00252 16 390 46 on Prealgebra (MAPL 1)
1108, 1123, 11273 19 460 46 on Algebra (MAPL 2)
1130, 1143, 1147, 11534 23 540 61 on Algebra (MAPL 2)
1144, 1160, 2256, 22575 27 620 51 on College Algebra (MAPL 3)
11706 29 650 51 on Trigonometry (MAPL 4)

There is no prerequisite course for MATH 0015, and no scores are necessary.


A student must pass MATH 0015 or achieve one of the listed test scores to take MATH 0025.


A student must pass MATH 0025 or achieve one of the listed test scores to take MATH 1108,MATH 1123, or MATH 1127.


A student must pass MATH 1108 or achieve one of the listed test scores to take MATH 1130, MATH 1143, MATH 1147, or MATH 1153.


 A student must pass MATH 1143 or achieve one of the listed test scores to take MATH 1144, MATH 1160, MATH 2256, or MATH 2257.


A student must pass MATH 1144 or MATH 1147 or achieve one of the listed test scores to take MATH 1170.