Faculty Emeriti

Faculty Emeriti

Asterisks denote members of the Graduate Faculty.

Adamcik, Barbara A.,* Professor, Pharmacy Practice and Administrative Sciences. 1985-2013

Aho, James A.,* Professor, Sociology, Social Work and Criminal Justice. 1969-2010

Akersten, William A., Associate Professor, Biological Sciences and Geosciences; Curator, Vertebrate Paleontology, Idaho Museum of Natural History. 1985-2009

Allen, Virginia B.,* Professor, Counseling. 1981-2012

Anderson, Robert C., Professor, Zoology. 1969-2007

Ashton, Carol Ann,* Associate Professor, Nursing. 2001-2011

Bain, Barbara A., Director of Undergraduate Studies and Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders, and Education of the Deaf. 1989-2004

Balsley, Ronald D., Professor, Marketing. 1978-2005

Beebe, Thomas G., Instructor, ­Electronics Technology. 1957-1989

Beezhold, Wendland, Research Professor, Physics. 2000-2010, 2016-2017

Benintendi, Wilma, Associate Professor, Education. 1967-1984

Bielby, Victor C., Instructor, Civil Engineering Technology. 1966-1993

Black, James M., Instructor, Electronics Technology. 1963-1993

Bliss, Traci, Professor, Educational Foundations. 1996-2008

Blount, Charles W., Professor, ­Geology. 1975-1990

Bobell, John LV, Professor, Human Resource Training and Development. 1990-2002

Boes, Richard F.,* Professor, Accounting. 1977-2011

Booher, Shirley (Deagle), Instructor, Office Technology. 1964-1996

Bowen, Denise M.,* Professor, Dental Hygiene. 1976-2010

Bowen, Richard L., University President. 1985-2005

Bowmer, Richard G., Professor, Botany. 1961-1997

Bowyer, R. Terry,* Professor, Biological Sciences. 2004-2015

Braun, Loren, Professor, Chemistry. 1957-1989

Brown, Donald D., Professor, Art. 1956-1994

Brown, Norris C., Instructor, Diesel ­Technology. 1972-1997

Browning, Jr., Wallace E., Professor, Physical Education. 1963-1990

Bryan, Clifford E., Professor, Sociology. 1971-2001

Bullock, Ivan R., Master Instructor, Diesel/Diesel Electric Technology.  1995-2014

Burns, Mary Jane,* Co-Director, Women Studies Program; Associate ­Professor, Political Science. 1985-2006

Cantrill, Dante K.,* Professor, English. 1974-2005

Chambers, Darold, Registrar. 1961-1990

Christensen, Calvin D., Instructional Coordinator, Laser/Electro-Optics Technology. 1971-2000

Christie, Carole R., Professor, Dental Hygiene. 1979-2011

Coffland, Jack A., Professor, Education; Coordinator, Center for Accountability Systems (Education). 1992-1999

Cowles, Lois Anne, Associate Professor, Sociology, Social Work, and Criminal Justice. 1993-2003

Cresswell, Donald J., Associate Professor, Mathematics. 1968-2000

Christelow, Allan,* Professor, History. 1983-2013

Christelow, Stephanie,* Professor, History. 1990-2015

Creelman III, James (Jim) E.,* Department Chair and Associate Professor, Physical and Occupational Therapy. 1990-2015

Croker, Robert E.,* Professor, Human Resource Training and Development. 1994-2012

Cullen, Carol, Instructor, Office ­Occupations. 1963-1990

Daniels, Christopher K.,* Professor, Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences. 1988-2012

Davis, Everett Eugene (Gene), Professor, Educational Leadership; Director, Intermountain Center for Education Effectiveness. 1992-2007

Denner, Peter R.,* Associate Dean, College of Education; Professor, Educational Foundations. 1982-2015

Dial, Theresa Gail, Professor, Art. 1974-2008

Dickey, John,  Associate Professor, Family Medicine.  1997-2015

Dolsen, Arthur, Professor, Foreign Languages. 1983-2009

Downing, Joan K., Public Services Director (equivalent rank, Professor), Library. 1969-1986

Dundas, Mary L.,* Director, Dietetics; Professor, Health and Nutrition Sciences. 1996-2009

Durtschi, Ralph, Senior Instructor, Robotics and Communications. 1986-2013

Eastman, Philip, Vice President for ­Financial Services. 1956-1988

Edgar, Thomas E., Professor, Counselor Education. 1966-1987

Edwards, Marilyn, Instructional Program Coordinator, Culinary Arts Technology. 1966-1997

Eilander, Leann, Senior Instructor, General Education. 1981-2007

Ekstrom, Grant, Instructor, Diesel/Diesel Electric Technology. 1973-1996

Enloe, Linda J.,* Associate Professor, Psychology. 1974-2007

Engebretsen, Terry O.,* Associate Professor, English and Philosophy.  1988-2014

Evans, Scott E.,* Professor, Art. 1986-2015

Faler, Kenneth T., Professor, Chemistry and Physics. 1967-1991

Farrell, Larry D.,* Professor, Microbiology. 1972-2008

Feige, Gary, Coordinator and Senior Instructor, Machining ­Technology. 1977-2003

Feit, Stephen S.,* Professor, Counseling. 1973-2013

Fontenelle, L. Judy, Professor, Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences. 1969-1998

Ford, Lawrence C.,* Associate Vice President for Special Programs and Enrollment Management; Associate Professor, Mathematics. 1984-2009

Foster, Richard H., Jr., Professor, Political Science. 1973-2008

Francis, Jr., Charles A., Associate Professor, Radiographic Science. 1987-2011

Frantz, Alan C.,* Professor, Educational Leadership. 1987-2016

Frazier, Timothy H.,* Professor, Mass Communication. 1986-2013

Galizia, Virginia, Associate Dean, College of Pharmacy; Professor, Pharmacy Practice and Administrative Sciences. 1996-2002

Gantt, Gamewell D.,* Professor, Management. 1982-2004

Geisler, Don, Instructor, Auto Collision Repair and Refinishing. 1971-1992

George, Thom Ritter, Professor, Music. 1983-2008

Gesell, Thomas F.,* Professor, Nuclear Engineering and Health Physics. 1991-2014

Gironella, Ann Inez,* Associate Professor, Mathematics. 2003-2015

Goff, Glen F., Instructor, Electronics Technology. 1960-1989

Goldbeck, H. Janne, Professor, English. 1976-2006

Gould, Frederica (Teddie), Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice and Administrative Sciences.  1981-2017

Gravatt, Darwin, Instructional Program Coordinator, Auto Collision, Repair and Refinishing. 1974-1997

Green, Joel N., Instructor, Diesel/Diesel Electric Technology. 1975-2001

Greenwood, Audrey, Professor, ­Foreign Languages. 1957-1978

Griffith, John S., Professor, Biology. 1977-1999

Hansen, Vaughn, Coordinator and Senior ­Instructor, Electromechanical Design Drafting Technology. 1970-2005

Harmon, J. Frank, Director and Research Professor, Idaho Accelerator Center; Professor, Physics. 1969-2008

Hatzenbuehler, Linda C.,* Executive Dean and Associate Vice President,
Division of Health Sciences.  1976-2016

Hatzenbuehler, Ronald, * Professor, History. 1972-2013

Head, Ray T., Instructor, Diesel/Diesel Electronics. 1967-1992

Herzog, Anita, Professor, Dental Hygiene. 1978-2008

Hewett, Beverly J., * Clinical Assistant Professor, Nursing.  1992-2014

Hill, Linda Charlotte, Associate Professor, Mathematics. 1976-2006

Hill, Richard D.,* Professor, Mathematics. 1967-2012

Hitchcock, Leonard A., Associate University Librarian, Collection Development (equivalent rank, Professor), Library. 1984-2006

Hjelm, Victor S. “Butch,” Dean, College of Arts and Sciences; Professor, Political Science. 1968-2001

Hobbs, Dan L., Associate Professor, Radiographic Science.  1999-2015

Hodges, Kathleen O.,* Professor, Dental Hygiene. 1979-2013

Holmer, Richard N.,* Professor, Anthropology. 1983-2011

Holte, Karl E., Professor, Botany; Curator, Museum. 1965-1997

House, Edwin W., Chief Research Officer; Professor, Physiology. 1966-2004

House, Janet G., Associate Professor, Mass Communication. 1985-2002

Huck, Wilbur, Associate Professor, English. 1957-1990

Hughes, Scott S.,* Interim Dean, College of Arts and Sciences; Professor, Geosciences. 1991-2010

Humphrey, Fowler Charles “Chuck,” Professor, Human Resource Training and Development. 1992-2007

Hunter, Ann Sutton,* Professor, Sociology, Social Work and Criminal Justice. 1991-2013

Hurley, Stephen C., Professor, Pharmacy Practice and Administrative Sciences. 1976-2006

Inouye, Richard S.,* Professor, Ecology. 1987-2010

Isaacson, Eugene I., Professor, Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences. 1969-1998

Jacobson, Grace, Associate Professor, Nursing. 1981-2002

Jenkins, Robert M., Coordinator and Senior Instructor, Automotive Technology. 1974-2005

Jenkins, Susan J.,* Professor, Educational Foundations. 1988-2013

Jensen, Jay, Dean of Students. 1956-1989

Joe, Victor C., Department Chair and Professor, Psychology. 1969-2003

Johnson, Frank J., Instructor, Civil Engineering Technology. 1966-1993

Johnson, Jeanne M.,* Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders; Education of the Deaf.  2009-2016

Jolly, James P.,* Professor, Management. 1982-2015

Jones, Gordon F., Associate Dean, School of Applied Technology. 1968-1995

Jue, Sandra G., Clinical Professor, Pharmacy Practice and Administrative Sciences. 1973-2012

Kawamura, Carole J., Assistant Professor, Dental Hygiene. 1975-2002

Kearns, Richard L.,* Director of Undergraduate Programs and Professor, Health and Nutrition Sciences. 1988-2004

Kidd, Paul F., Instructor, Graphic Arts. 1965-1995

Kijinski, John L., Dean, College of Arts and Sciences; Professor, English and Philosophy. 1985-2007

Kilpatrick, John A., Professor, Management. 1977-2006

King, Kathleen, Associate Professor, English. 1984-2007

King, William L., Professor, English and Philosophy. 1960-1994

Kirkpatrick, David, Professor, Military Science, Director of Housing. 1951-1955, 1958-1981

Klug, Beverly J.,* Associate Professor, School Psychology, Literacy, and Special Education. 1985-2014

Kovacs, Rudolph S.,* Professor, Art and Pre-Architecture. 1980-2012

Kratz, Lawrence J.,* Professor, Mathematics. 1966-2010

Kritsky, Delane C., Associate Dean, College of Health Professions; Professor, Health and Nutrition Sciences and Biological Sciences. 1974-2008

Kunze, Jay.,* Professor, Nuclear Engineering and Health Physics. 1995-2013

Lang, Patrick M., Professor, Mathematics. 1985-2012

Lawson, Jonathan N.,* Professor, Educational Leadership and Instructional Design. 1995-2013

Laurence, Dennis, Professor, English and Philosophy. 1971-1992

LeBlanc, Ronald P., Professor, Marketing; Adjunct Faculty, Sport Science and Physical Education. 1980-2006

Lerch, Robert, Professor, Education. 1971-1995

Levenson, Carl A.,* Professor, Philosophy.  1981-2016

Linder, Allan, Professor, Biological Sciences. 1963-1988

Lloyd, Arthur P., Professor, Counseling. 1967-2001

Lloyd, Marcia L., Professor, Dance. 1977-2001

Loebs, Bruce, D.,* Professor, Communication, Media, and Persuasion. 1969-2015

Longmore, Dean R., Professor, Department of Finance. 1978-2001

Lott, Rex S.,* Professor, Pharmacy Practice and Administrative Sciences. 1997-2015

Lu, Joseph, Professor, Libraries. 1972-1992

Luckey, Angela S., Associate Professor, Educational Foundations. 1996-2009

Marcum, R. Laverne, Professor, ­Education. 1969-1984

Marley, Bert, Professor, History. 1967-1989

Martin, Anthony, Professor, Art. 1977-2015

Martindale, Charlene, Associate Professor, English/Instructor-Coordinator, Business Communication. 1970-1999

Matteson-Howell, Janice, Chair, Technical Department. 1984-2007

Matthews, Leroy J., Professor, Psychology. 1968-2000

Mauch, John E., Professor, Journalism. 1971-1999

Maughan, Ralph B.,* Professor, Political Science. 1971-2007

McAleese, Willis J.,* Professor, Health Education and Promotion. 1989-2014

McCune, Joan H., Professor, Microbiology. 1980-2001

McCune, Ronald W., Professor, Biochemistry. 1970-2004

McGee, Shanna, Professor, Psychology. 1964-1985

McLaughlin, Diana, Associate Department Chair; Assistant Professor, Nursing. 1987-2007

McRoberts, Jacqueline, Associate Professor, Nursing. 1981-2005

Merrill, Clifton L., Master Instructor, Civil Engineering Technology. 1985-2011

Merrill, Donald, Master Instructor, College of Technology. 1971-2008

Millner, William, Professor, Business. 1971-1983

Minshall, G. Wayne, Professor, Zoology and Ecology. 1966-2003

Montgomery, Tracy T.,* Associate Professor, English and Philosophy. 1990-2013

Morris, Lloyd E. “Mike,” Professor, Health and Nutrition Sciences. 1976-2001

Mullin, Anne E., Associate Professor, English and Philosophy. 1990-2000

Myers, Rosemary N., Director, Individualized ­Education Programs; Assistant Professor, English and Philosophy. 1960-1999

Naidu, D. Subbaram,* Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. 1990-2014

Newsome, Jack D.,* Associate Professor, Educational Foundations. 1997-2011

Newsome, Julie Renee,* Associate Professor, Educational Foundations. 1998-2013

Nickisch, Craig W., Professor, Foreign Languages. 1988-2004

Nilson, Douglas C., Associate Professor, Political Science. 1989-2009

Nitse, Philip S.,* Professor, Marketing. 1993-2010

Noakes, Sandra D., Assistant Professor, Physical Education. 1966-2002

Nunn, Gerald, D.,* Professor, School Psychology Literacy and Special Education. 1996-2011

Owens, John “Jack” B.,* Professor, History. 1975-2011

Paarmann, Carlene S.,* Professor, Dental Hygiene. 1976-2011

Park, Pamela,  Professor, Languages and Literature. 1985-2015

Parker, Barry R., Professor, Physics. 1967-1997

Parker, Stephen K., Associate Professor, Mathematics. 1972-2002

Pawar, Sheelwant B., Professor, Management. 1967-1999

Pehrsson, Robert S.,* Professor, Teacher Education. 1980-2003

Pein, Deborah M., Assistant Professor, General Education. 1988-2011

Peña, Sally J.,* Professor, Educational Foundations. 1990-2010

Pierson, Donald S.,* Professor, Sociology, Social Work and Criminal Justice. 1985-2011

Piland, Neill F.,* Director and Research Professor, Institute of Rural Health.  2002-2016

Pincock, John E., Instructor, Diesel Technology. 1970-1996

Plewa, Jr., Franklin J.,* Professor, Accounting. 1984-2013

Priddy, Kathleen S., Senior Instructor, Office Technology. 1976-2005

Pumphrey, Lela "Kitty' D.,* Professor, Accounting. 1988-2006

Rankin, Linda L.,* Associate Dean, Division of Health Sciences; Professor, Health Education and Promotion. 1991-2015

Rankin, Roger A.,* Professor, Educational Foundations. 1981-2011

Reis, Priscilla R.,* Associate Professor, Accounting. 1994-2013

Renn, Nancy, Clinical Assistant Professor, Nursing. 1993-2012

Roberts, Mark W.,* Professor, Psychology. 1977-2015

Ronald, Bruce P., Professor, Chemistry. 1968-2001

Rose, Fred L., Professor, Biological Sciences. 1969-2000

Rost, Robert, Senior Instructor, Trade and Industrial Department. 1972-2007

Rucker, Jack, Director, School of Vocational-Technical Education. 1955-1976

Sagness, Richard L., Director, Office of Clinical Experiences and Student Services; Professor, Teacher Education. 1979-1999

Sahlberg, Jeanne H., Instructor, Office Occupations. 1967-1990

Salzman, Stephanie, Professor, Teacher Education. 1986-2002

Sato, Alyce, Associate Professor, Nursing. 1976-2004

Scalarone, Gene M.,* ­Professor and Microbiology Lab Coordinator, Biological Sciences.  1980-2017

Schneider, Audrey D. (Weston), Associate Professor, Speech-Language Pathology. 1990-2005

Schow, H. Wayne, Professor, English and Philosophy. 1967-1999

Schow, Ronald L., Professor, Audiology. 1975-2007

Scott, Darrell F., Assistant Dean, College of Business; Senior Lecturer, Marketing. 1970-2007

Seeley, Rodney R.,* Professor, Physiology. 1973-2008

Seikel, John Anthony “Tony,”* Assessment Coordinator, Health Sciences; Professor, Communications Sciences and Disorders. 1998-2015

Sharp, William T., Professor, Pharmacy Practice and Administrative Sciences. 1975-2000

Smedley, Thayne, Professor, Audiology. 1983-2001

Smith, Denzell S., Professor, English and Philosophy. 1972-1991

Smith, Jill M., Assistant Professor, ­Accounting. 1986-2009

Smith, Kenneth A.,* Professor, Accounting. 1970-2015

Snarr, Terry L., Program Coordinator and Senior Instructor, Instrumentation and Automation Engineering Technology. 1985-2015

Spadafore, Gerald J., Professor, Teacher Education. 1969-1999

Spall, Richard D., University Ombudsman; Professor, Pathology. 1981-2003

Spiegel, Kathleen, Clinical Professor, Clinical Laboratory Science. 1991-2007

Squires, W. David Jr.,* Professor, Literacy Education. 2000-2015

Standley, Mike, Director of Registration and Records. 1971-1999

Stanek, Alan E., Chair and Professor, Music. 1976-2001

Stenson, Carol M., Professor, Special Education. 1978-2003

Stephens, Trent D., Professor, Biology. 1981-2011

Stocks, Anthony, Chair and Professor, Anthropology. 1979-2006

Stone, Jack C., Instructor, Automotive Technology. 1970-1999

Stowe, Dennis C.,* Professor, Mathematics. 1988-2015

Stratton, William E.,* Professor, Management. 1974-2011

Streubel, Donald P., Professor, Biology. 1974-1999

Strickland,* Jane M., Associate Professor, Organizational Learning and Performance.  1999-2016

Sutcliffe, Roy M., Instructor, Electronics Technology. 1958-1989

Sutter, Jr., E. John, Professor, Chemistry. 1971-2004

Swanson, Merwin, Professor, History. 1972-2002

Sweat, Robert C., Coordinator and Senior Instructor, Computer/Business Equipment Technician Program. 1978-2004

Swetnam, Susan H.,* Professor, English and Philosophy. 1979-2013

Tate, Paul D., Dean, Graduate School; Professor, English and Philosophy. 1976-2006

Thomas, Gloria (Jean),* Associate Professor, School Psychology and Educational Leadership. 1997-2015

Thomas, Victor, Instructor, Electrical Technology. 1970-1993

Trinklein, Michael J., Professor, Mass Communication. 1984-2004

Trost, Charles H., Professor, Biological Sciences; Curator, Museum. 1968-2000

Urfer, Alexander G.,* Professor, Physical and Occupational Therapy. 1977-2011

Vittetoe, Dennis, Master Instructor, Electronic Systems Technology. 1976-2003

Volkers, Ray, Senior Instructor, Computer Software Development Technology. 1982-1987; 1990-2003

Wallber, M. Josara, Clinical Associate Professor, Communications Sciences and Disorders. 2006-2014

Walsh, Mary Ellen,* Professor, English and Philosophy. 1971-2002

Warnke, Janet Lynn, Assistant Librarian (equivalent rank, Professor), Library. 1978-2012

Watters, Ronald, Senior Lecturer, Sport Science and Physical Education. 1974-2007

Watts, Robert T., Associate Professor, Computer Information Systems. 1978-1999

Wells, Gary R.,* Professor, Finance. 1965-2009

Westphal, Jonathan A. G.,* Professor, English and Philosophy. 1981-2011

Weston, Audrey, D.,* Professor, Speech Language Pathology. 1990-2005

Wiegand, Gayl H., Professor, Chemistry. 1965-2004

Willer, Janene, Clinical Associate Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders. 1990-2011

Wilson, Albert E.,* Professor, Engineering and Nuclear Science. 1966-1995

Wissa, Maher F., Professor, Geomatics Technology. 1993-2008

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